A Chicagoland O’Reilly Auto Parts store turned into a crime scene shortly after high noon on Saturday.  An aspiring armed robber with a gun walked into a busy auto store store at 91st and Stoney Island in the southside Calumet City neighborhood.  Taking the robber’s implied message of “give me the money or I’ll kill you dead” as the truth, the manager there pulled his own gun and shot the thug.

The good news is the bad guy lost the gun battle.  What’s more, the manager’s taxpayer relief shot saved taxpayers the cost of incarceration and it ensured that the good people in Chicago will never face down this bad guy again.  The bad news?  The bad news is that the store will need a new window or two. 

And the manager will likely need a new job as chains generally frown on staffers poking holes in people threatening to kill them.  It makes for bad publicity.  O’Reilly corporate is probably gritting their teeth right now at all of the search engine returns pulling up this story about O’Reilly Auto Parts | Auto Parts, Accessories, Repair Advice armed robbery.  The good news is that there will surely be another auto parts store looking for a manager who won’t die on his knees.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Aspiring Robber only had a decent education and had learned not to pull guns on people to rob them in his younger days, he might be alive today.  He obviously wasn’t one of the 11% of black kids in Chicago who can read and do math at grade level.  And his parents failed to teach him life skills like not robbing people with a gun.


Check out this report with sound from Fox32 Chicago…  the “reporter” had a unique spin on what happened.  “An alleged attempted robber dead after visiting this south side O’Reilly Auto Parts.”


CBS Chicago reports that the manager had a carry license.  Even though, most would probably argue the didn’t need a carry license to carry in a fixed place of business as a manager.

6 thoughts on “ONE LESS THUG: Chicago O’Reilly Auto Parts store manager burns down bandit…”
  1. A very happy news story. Being Chicago, however, how long will it be before the leftist goon squad prosecutes the shopkeep for violating one of Illinois’ many unconstitutional gun laws? How many rounds were in that magazine? Was your FOID up to date? Did you make sure to glue that floorplate? No to any of those? Off with your head, vile peasant. Criminals are a protected class here in the People’s Republic of Illinois.

  2. Saved the cost of what incarceration? This is merely one less person Kim Foxx will have to worry about not prosecuting.

  3. I love how I can sometimes find happy ending stories at GSL. Good riddance to the thug. Hopefully it hurt. Because stupid should hurt. A lot.

    1. I enjoyed another story out of Texas where some dirtbag stole a guys’ truck that had an Apple Tag attached. Long story short – truck was tracked down, thief found behind wheel, thief had brains splattered over interior of truck. Definitely a ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes’ moment. As you say – stupidity should be painful.

    2. That makes for a mess to clean up later. Maybe I should get Winston Wolf’s phone number.

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