Todd Vandermyde does analysis of the new Illinois Gun Ban Act when it comes to magazines.  You might not realize your Glock 19’s standard 15-round magazine is illegal to carry in public thanks to the language in the gun ban bill that bans magazines that can be ‘readily restored or converted’ to accept more than 15 rounds.

It effectively makes any mag with a removable baseplate illegal to sell.

That’s right: if you can readily convert a magazine to accept more than 15 rounds, it’s illegal.  Because it’s convertible, it’s illegal – which means you can’t carry them in public effective April 10th.

Again, the provision of the law about carrying in public goes into effect April 10th.  Magazines that hold over 15 rounds OR those who have removable baseplates must be transported unloaded and encased in public.

The provision about the sale of magazines is already in effect. Obviously many didn’t read the language in the Bill closely.  You can bet the ISP and anti-gun prosecutors have and will.

Take time to watch this video.


10 thoughts on “IL BANNED *ALL* MAGS WITH BASEPLATES: New Gun Ban blocks sale of mags now, bans carry of these mags in public effective April 10th…”
  1. Well, damn. Oh well, fuck it, I am gonna carry them anyway. Isn’t April 12th the date of our hearing in federal court? It cannot get here soon enough.

  2. If virtually all semi-auto pistol mags have removable baseplates, and therefore are illegal under this “law”, doesn’t that mean the “law” effectively bans all semi-auto pistols?

  3. Guess my venture into revolvers was a good idea. Until they enact legislation on those. Slippery slope and all that. Those Welcome to Illinois signs? Don’t think so.

    1. They should publish The Suicide Prevention Hotline on the bottom of those welcome to Illinois signs. This is so screwed up.

  4. Don’t all magazines have a removable baseplate? If/when the spring would need to be replaced, how else would you get it out?

  5. Except for ISP I doubt local cops ( depending on location ) would be looking for this but why take a chance. Until this mess gets knocked down in court we may have to do like Todd said and do a glue job to the baseplate of a few carry mags. I’m against this horse**** but it may be the only way for now. On the bright side this is another extreme infringement that lawyers can use to point out why this whole bill needs to be slapped down.

  6. Other states have passed this same sort of horseshit pre-Bruen. The best policy for now is that if you can acquire or have a couple of extra ‘throwaway’ mags of 15 or less rounds, glue them up. If your carry gun is more than 15 standard (mine is 20 – FN FiveSeven), then get some 15 round followers for them, and glue them into your carry mags. I recommend a place called Magazine Blocks for the followers.

    I bought a few more Five-Seven magazines on the TRO, and made carry mags out of them. Pretty crappy that you have to do it this way, but that’s life under communism. For all your other mags, they are now safe queens unless going to the range. I wonder how long it will be before we have to file a f’ing driving plan with the state before we go to the range with our evil magazines and pistols.

  7. Any word on how the turn in efforts in Chicago are going for all the gang-bangers with 33 round Glock magazines? I’ll bet ISP has collected thousands so far – right?

    Maybe if they weren’t too chicken shit to do anything but harass law-abiding citizens things would be different. Of course, gang-bangers shoot back, and the Paul Blart’s in ISP might be injured busting actual criminals instead of the insta-felons created by Fat Bastard.

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