It’s true.  The Illinois Firearm Ban Act signed by Governor JB Pritzker on Jan. 10th covers a whole lot more than just America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.  It also covers the Ruger 10/22 and every other semi-auto rifle in the world.  It also bans pretty much all semi-auto shotguns.

We’ve been fairly mum about the details about just how encompassing the new Illinois law has been written.  But now we outline the flaws in an effort to educate Judge Stephen McGlynn from the Southern Illinois district of federal court.

Todd Vandermyde now reveals just some of the issues in a pair of YouTube videos from as many days.


I suspect he’s got more videos coming on how the ban also nabs many pump action shotguns in addition to the semi-autos.



And then there’s the matter of shortie shells in shotguns.

Yeah, it’s a hot mess.  

But at least one YouTube gun guru thinks we’re on the right path.  Four Boxes Diner (soap box, voter’s box, jury box and the cartridge box?) has this to say.


4 thoughts on “Illinois Firearms Ban outlaws the 10/22 and pretty much all semi-auto shotguns”
  1. We saw this from the beginning. I have a 10/22 and a pile of Ruger BX-25 magazines to go with it. Some I have had for many years, and thanks to the Macon County TRO and a couple of decent retailers, I now have quite a few more. It is a fun little gun to shoot (though no longer very cheap anymore) and I have put thousands of rounds through it over the years. It has never harmed anything worse than an old can or some paper or steel targets.
    I knew the shorty shotshell thing was going to come up as well. This is the kind of nonsense you get when you churn out legislation written by staffers dumber than the dope-smoking street trash they work for. Anyone can do a cut and paste of bad laws, and that is exactly what they did over and over. The Illinois Gun Ban has been cribbed from every piece of garbage legislation to come down the pike over the past 30 years – all the way back to the Dianne Feinswine / Potato Biden Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. They use the same lists over and over, with zero knowledge of what the words even mean.
    Let us hope that Judge McGlynn is a thoughtful man who following the Constitution and the direction of SCOTUS.

  2. This is a feature for them, not a bug. If it was about crime, they would ban handguns.

    BTW, what is so magical about 15 rounds for handguns? Are the sixteenth and 17th rounds more deadly? The Nashville shooter had 14 minutes, I can fire and reload my dad’s old tube fed .22 Marlin bolt action three or four times in that amount of time. Maybe a lot more. It holds 15 .22 LR rounds. If the janitor or the teachers had a gun, this would not have made the national news for a week.

    1. The reason they whored this one is the same reason they always do – the press and the left are sympatico in their desire to disarm the American public, just as has been done in every other Western country. We are the last bastion, and it is slipping away from us.
      They almost pulled back on the hysteria when it became known that their shooter was another protected class lunatic. They then switched to how persecuted the poor gender-bender scumbag was and how it was those evil Christians that drove it to the edge of insanity.
      Let us never forget that Republicans in the last session of Congress put forth a strong school protection bill with money to harden schools against this type of thing. Not one Democrat voted for it. Dead kids further their agenda, and we all know it.

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