If you’re going to carjack a car, you better do it in Cook County if you want a hug from grandma to get out of jail.  If you do it in Will County… or if you drive your stolen ride to Will County, you “won’t be out by Sunday” as one carjacker told Will County cops.  Instead, you’re liable to spend at least part of the next 22 years in prison. 

Take Jordan Henry, pictured above.

He probably wishes he had not driven to Will County after ‘jacking an old man in Cook County.

The Will County boys didn’t even bother shipping him back to Cook County to face non-charges and release.  Instead, they shipped his ass to the Illinois Department of Corrections after he was found guilty.  Yep, he didn’t even have the good sense to take a plea bargain.  He thought he was still in Kansas Cook County.

From CWB Chicago:

The man who carjacked an Uber driver in Lakeview last year, then told cops who arrested him in Will County that he would “be out by Sunday” will, in fact, not be out for many, many years.

Will County Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak found Henry guilty on all 13 counts brought against him, including three counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking, two counts of armed robbery, and more. She handed him a 22-year sentence on Wednesday.

“Henry told detectives he would ‘be out by Sunday,” Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow said in a press release after the sentencing. “He found out that here in Will County, we prosecute crime and take the public’s safety seriously. This violent offender will finally be off the streets and in prison where he belongs.”

Henry’s greatest miscalculation during his February 2022 crime spree may have been to drive the Uber driver’s car across the county line into Glasgow’s jurisdiction. CWB Chicago was the first to report last year that Glasgow’s office had taken the unusual step of prosecuting Henry for crimes that occurred in a different county.

We’re not sure who the “spokesman” for the Will County state’s attorney’s office is, but they’re a keeper.  

At the time, a spokesperson for the Will County state’s attorney’s office declined to comment about Henry’s matter specifically but did say, “we aggressively charge cases in our jurisdiction and seek appropriate bond. Prosecutors in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office were not consulted before Henry was charged with the Lakeview and Lincoln Park crimes in Will County, according to Will County law enforcement source.

The source said last year that Will COunty officials wanted “to make sure it gets done right,” adding, “we like high bails and low crime out here.”

Cook County could use that “we like high bails and low crime” attitude.  Instead, right now they have the “low bails and high crime” philosophy and we see how well that’s working for them.

Quite well indeed.




5 thoughts on “‘WE LIKE HIGH BAILS AND LOW CRIME’: Will County doesn’t mess around with carjackers like Cook County does”
  1. Good for Will County and an example for the rest of ILL-Annoy, especially the Soros-funded high-crime state’s attorneys and the ANTIFA sycophants in government and the “media”. mr(s)” Henry won’t be ‘jacking anyone ’till he is old ad grey.

  2. High bills and low crime… now that’s something most people can get behind. I love how this guy thought he was going to get out of jail by the weekend. Hahaha

  3. LOVE the story…. like high bail and low crime? Priceless.

    Yeah, shitbird… you’ll be out in about a year or two of Sundays. No more female companionship for you! Embrace the buttsex cause it’s all you’re gonna get.

  4. We don’t need new laws, just proper enforcement of our existing ones. Will county has shown it works.

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