Tell the City Fathers (and City Mothers) in Peoria ‘THANK YOU’ for their misguided gun buyback program last November.  The point of the program was to “take back the streets.”  As if buying unwanted guns from law-abiding gun owners will allow do-gooders to “take back” anything. 

Since we sometimes can’t fix stupid, we might as well take advantage of it.  And we did.  GSL walked away with several hundred dollars for youth shooting programs thanks to members who donated their junk guns for just such idiocy a program.

For more on our experience at the buyback, check out our story on it…  to include the old woman who showed up on a handicapped seniors “bus” (because those blue-haired seniors walking with a cane are shooting up the town after midnights!) and how they ran out of money literally within minutes of opening.

The Lincoln Heritage Young Guns clay shooting team came out to GSL Charleston back in January and gave a great presentation on their program. Following that, we earmarked about half of the Peoria Gun “Buyback” haul to helping fund that program.

In recent days, GSL’s Charleston Regional Co-Director Justin Bawcum presented a check for $250 to the Young Guns VP Brandi Wills.

6 thoughts on “THANK YOU PEORIA! Peoria Gun ‘Buyback’ sponsors Lincoln Heritage Young Guns clay-shooting program”
  1. You can’t sell assault weapons, but you can sell them to a gun buyback?
    Isn’t that violating Herr Governors ban and where are the State Police now?

  2. NEWSPEAK: “gun buyback” of guns they NEVER OWNED!! Great way to finance gun use education! Keep up the good work!

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