So Mas Ayoob did a pocket dump for his “shoot me first” vest recently.  It’s partially tongue-in-cheek, so don’t feel like you have to run out and buy a book to do it right.


And while you’re there, check out this one by Ayoob, entitled “IMAGINE.”


More on the “shoot me first” vests:


2 thoughts on “The ‘Pocket Dump,’ Ayoob-style”
  1. Lots of “STUFF” in that vest, but only 1 flashlight. Our good friend, Sir John, had 5 flashlights appear at a resent POCKET DUMP.
    John tried to say that he that some of them belonged to the toddler twin boys. I will let your imagination run wild with some comments from the crowd.

  2. Two sandwiches and a hard-back book? Is he flying somewhere? Oh wait, you can’t take half that crap through TSA. Some pretty funny stuff. Ayoob’s funny. Liked the video on school killers. Thanks for that one.

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