So some guy starts beating on your front door demanding you open it.  He’s loud, obnoxious and pretty insistent that you’re going to open that door.  Sixteen seconds after you first hear the beating on the door, he kicks open your front door and strolls on inside, still yelling profanity and maybe even some threats.

What would you do in this situation if it happened right now?


Is your gun in a safe?  Can you open your safe after an adrenaline dump?  Even if you get into your safe, is your gun loaded?   Remember, clock is ticking.

Oh, you don’t keep all of your guns in your safe, but the one that’s out is on the other end of the house?  Sorry.  Hope your family is safe while you run back to retrieve it.

Is your gun on your person?  Well, that solves a lot of problems, now doesn’t it?

Want to buy yourself some extra time with passive measures?  How about installing these on your door.  

And one of these on your strikeplate:

Mounted with about 3″ or 4″ drywall screws.

That buys you a few more seconds – and a lot more jury appeal for what happens next.

Like in this case (not safe for work):


7 thoughts on “FORCED ENTRY: What would you do? [VIDEO]”
  1. For even more security, you can change out your entry doors with steel core doors. They come in just about any design you can think of, and can be painted to whatever color you like. Far more secure than some of the crappy builders hardware doors being installed in houses today. Add cameras, lighting and a Grade 1 lock(s) as appropriate. And never – NEVER – open the door at night for any reason unless you know exactly who is there and that no one is lurking out of sight.
    Don’t think it can’t happen to you at home. It can, and does.

  2. Correction: You should never use drywall screws in any application where you need strength. Drywall screws are for-hanging drywall. Use regular construction screws. And also, drywall screws do not come in 3 or 4 inch lengths. If there were drywall screws of that length, they would snap off before they ever got fully inserted.

    1. I used 410 Stainless Steel 4″ fasteners on mine on Strikemaster II maximum security plates. Each of those plates are about three feet long and fastens at 13 points. Even with access to power tools its going to take a good long time to get through those doors. Some idiot trying to kick through that steel door on these plates will wear himself out first.

  3. Mrs. W. would be on the phone to 911 while running to get her gun. Mine’s usually pretty darn handy. I’d tell this yahoo that the cops are on the way, and that I’ve got a gun and if he comes inside he will be shot. I still remember from the class: ensconsed defender? Isn’t that what you called it?
    Once he kicked the door open, I’d make him holier than the Pope. The woman too if she followed the mouthy, aggressive one inside.

  4. While I understand the neighbors concern. It wasn’t his place to come over and “investigate”. They felt threatened for their lives. And responded accordingly.

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