Today we bring some gritty combat footage from Ukraine, as a single courageous Ukrainian soldier defends a trench from Russian invaders.  In the span of 38 seconds, the Ukrainian soldier probably dispatches five or six Russians, minimum.

There is no sound, but it’s not exactly safe for work or kid friendly, but it shows just how awful war really is.  So when people like Keith Olbermann talk about declaring civil war over gun ownership rights, you see just how unhinged and evil they really are.


Shoot and move, shoot and move. 

He followed the Graham Combat Killhouse Rules to the letter.  

One thought on “WAR IS HELL: Combat Footage From Ukraine [VIDEO]”
  1. Leftists are perpetually unhinged about everything, but especially gun rights. The dirty little secret they refuse to admit is that most mass shooters (outside the realm of the gangbangers that make up most of the statistics) are left-wing wackjobs. Conservatives do not engage in this sort of activity. Leftists are violent agitators and thugs; it is in their DNA.

    The fundamental difference is that most of us on the right simply want to be left alone with as little government intrusion as possible, Leftists desire to control every aspect of one’s lives to the smallest detail. When someone opposes that, they react violently. It’s no wonder they react as they do; liberalism is the most soul-sucking, depressing ideology in the history of mankind. Combine that with no self-discipline, and you end up with the Keith Olbermann’s of the world.

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