Kriss Cross, kind of like the one-hit wonder kids from 1992, almost met Jesus in Aurora, IL after he charged cops with two rather large butcher knives. After hearing parts of the 911 call, it seems Mr. Cross was white hot with rage and not thinking clearly. And despite his name, he never mastered the art of the “Jump.” 

He did however, let his irrational anger and lack of respect for the police get him well shot when he tried to carry out his threats to kill officers.

Here’s the video. Note how quickly he was covering the 21 feet or so between himself and the officer with the pepperball gun. Upon him committing to the charge, he would have been on that cop easily in 1.5 seconds despite getting shot if the cop hadn’t retreated while firing. Thankfully additional gunshots between 1.5 seconds and 2.5 seconds folded him up like a cheap suit to end his attack.


Fortunately for Mr. Kriss Cross he survived the attack. Now he’ll get to live with the consequences of that day for the rest of his life. Hopefully he will have learned a constructive lesson or two.

As for all of us watching this, let it be a vivid lesson to treat someone armed with edged weapons or blunt force instruments as a very deadly threat if they are acting in an overtly threatening manner. Remember, you aren’t going to have bodycam video to back up your story, so your first order of business is to put distance and obstacles between yourself and a potential attacker.

Distance and obstacles give you time. Time gives you options. Options mean safety.

One thought on “Kriss Cross Charges Aurora, IL Cops With Butcher Knives… Cops Fire in Self-Defense [VIDEO!]”
  1. The 21-foot drill is standard in police training. Most people are amazed just how quickly that distance can be closed when they experience it. If your gun is still in the leather and you let an attacker within that distance with a edged weapon, you will almost certainly be wounded before you can get off the first defensive shots. NEVER underestimate a perp and let him get close.

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