When authorities don’t punish anti-social, criminal behavior, you will see more of it. Simply because bad people will feel emboldened to continue their misbehavior. Because working is for suckers.

Meet scumbag Gio Rodriguez (pictured above). From CWB Chicago…

Chicago — Just over a year ago, in December 2021, CWB Chicago published a story about the number of gun charges that prosecutors drop in Cook County.

The story highlighted one man as an example: Giovanni Rodriguez. Chicago police had arrested Rodriguez three times in 15 months for allegedly carrying guns illegally in Little Village. Each time, Chicago cops said their body cameras recorded Rodriguez admitting to carrying the guns. Prosecutors approved felony charges each time but dropped the first two cases within weeks.

The times in fifteen months and he wasn’t sent up river?  

Rodriguez reported to Stateville Correctional Center on August 5, went home the same day, and remains on parole, according to Illinois Department of Corrections records.

Last weekend, six months after walking out of Stateville, Rodriguez allegedly shot a man in the Ford City Mall parking lot.

So, why did he shoot a man?  Well, Mr. Rodriguez was trying to steal a car in the mall’s parking lot.  And a concealed carry holder confronted him and the two exchanged shots.

A concealed carry holder parked his SUV and walked toward the mall around 12:39 p.m. last Saturday. As he reached the JCPenney entrance, he received an alert that someone had opened his car door.

He turned around and saw a 17-year-old boy getting into his SUV, according to police records. The man shouted at the teen, who jumped into a Jeep that was waiting for him nearby. 

That’s when Rodriguez allegedly stepped out of the Jeep’s driver’s seat with a gun in his hand.

“Put it down!” the concealed carry holder yelled as he pulled out his pistol. He fired a shot at Rodriguez, hitting the Jeep.

“Put it down!” he yelled again.

The two then engaged in a shootout that resulted in the victim suffering gunshot wounds to his hand and leg, prosecutors alleged.

Rodriguez and the 17-year-old allegedly drove away in the Jeep, but Chicago cops who heard the gunfire and saw the shooting chased after them. The Jeep, which had two guns inside, crashed nearby.

In addition to being on parole, Rodriguez is on probation for a 2022 fleeing and eluding case in Wisconsin, and he had an outstanding warrant for criminal trespass to a vehicle in suburban Cook County, prosecutors said.

Judge Maryam Ahmad, noting that Rodriguez is accused of engaging in “in essence, a firefight” outside a shopping mall, held Rodriguez without bail.

He is charged with aggravated battery by discharging a firearm, armed violence, and burglary

Why wasn’t this not-so-upstanding citizen in prison where he belonged?

Then there’s this guy, as reported by CWB Chicago:

Chicago — Prosecutors charged a man on Sunday with shooting three women, killing one, just before Christmas 2020 while he was on bail for a pending felony gun case.

James Armstrong, 26, was eventually convicted of the gun charge and received a one-year sentence, prosecutor Bridget O’Brien said. Now, he is charged with murder and attempted murder for the shooting, more than two years after it occurred.

Armstrong is the 55th person accused of killing or shooting—or trying to kill or shoot—someone in Chicago while awaiting trial for a felony in 2020. The crimes involved at least 70 victims, 36 of whom died.

According to Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans: “we haven’t had any horrible incidents occur” as a result of “affordable bail.”

Clearly, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil prevails in Evans’ world of make-believe.

3 thoughts on “WATER IS WET, TOO: ‘Affordable Bail,’ dropped charges equals more violent crime, folks”
  1. Of course it does. Liberals prefer to pander to the criminal, and ignore the innocent and law-abiding. It is too difficult to lock up violent felons and seize their guns; so instead they choose to harass and criminalize legal gun owners. They can’t seize our guns outright, so they seek to entrap us ‘for the good of public safety’ using such schemes as the registration of our guns. We all know what that will be used for down the road.

    People need to realize that liberals are not wired like normal, rational human beings. They are mental degenerates, incapable of rational thought. They ‘feel’ but don’t think.

  2. The people who voted for those fuckups running government are getting the government they voted for. Lefties gonna leftie.

  3. I wonder; the “soft on crime” Marxist-democRATS encourage criminal activity by refusing to hold thugs accountable to established laws to destroy our great country. By demonizing law enforcement, “no-cash bail”, down-plea-ing firearms charges, the “De-fund the police” BLM/ANTIFA movement”, the Marxists are destroying America “from within” just as communist Lennin projected many years ago. They need the criminal activity to then denigrate and destroy firearm usage by those who abide by our Constitutional Rights and believe in upholding lawful citizenry.
    What better way to destroy America than to let criminality run wild, ignore America’s borders allowing foreign invaders to invade at will, spreading the criminal invaders throughout the country, all brought to America by a senile, village idiot and his “Biden crime family, who sell American sovereignty to the “highest bidder” aka: China!

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