Gun ownership represents freedom from both oppression and bullies. If you own a gun and know how to use it, you’re a free person. If you own guns, people have to convince you do things. They can’t intimidate you with threats of unlawful force.

Meanwhile, most people don’t give a lot of thought to clean, potable water and reliable electricity in their daily lives. Or gasoline.

Prudent people should think about all of the above though. Especially with the JBs in charge both here in Illinois and in Washington.

Yes, gas sells for stupid high prices now, approaching $4 in some places again, but at least it’s everywhere.

It’s everywhere until something happens and then it’s not. Something like a widespread power outage, earthquake or other natural disaster that makes everyone else think they need to fill their fuel tanks yesterday.

If it’s a disaster, people may be waiting hours to fill gas cans for generators or gas tanks on their cars.  Do you have better things to do than wait all day to get some gas?  And pro-tip, have something besides an igloo cooler or a 5-gallon bucket for gasoline in particular. Or a plastic bag. 

Without gasoline, most folks are limited to the fuel in their car’s fuel tank. If you’re the average person, that’s a quarter tank or less. And for some, it’s fumes.

Plan to get gas after work before driving home, or maybe Monday morning before driving to work? What happens if something happens before then? Yeah, it would suck to not have enough gas to get home from the job location. Or to get to the store to buy food or medicine.

Gasoline is freedom. It represents the freedom to travel – and maybe even freedom from becoming a refugee. Or it might mean a way to get food, supplies, or other “thinks” including that cache of supplies you buried under Fluffy the dead cat at your aunt’s house.

At home, with a generator, it represents electricity for well water, refrigeration, medical devices and a few creature comforts. Gas powers equipment to help you communicate, to maintain your property or to repair damages.

Obviously, keep your car’s tank full. $20 at the top of your tank costs the same as the last $20.

Real freedom for many comes in the form of 10-20 gallons of stabilized fuel safely stored at the homestead for a rainy day. Just in case.



3 thoughts on “Like guns, gasoline represents FREEDOM”
  1. Amen, brother. I know the tree-hugging, do-gooders out there would love, LOVE to force us all onto electric cars and homes, rendering us dependent on government and the utilities. Screw that and screw them. I am a rugged American not a sissified soyboy simp.

  2. Imagine, if you can, the above picture of the gas pump with the “out of gas” sign on it but the price is way too high! Gas was 75 cents a gallon, the lines to get gas were down the street and around the block, you could only get gas if your license plate had an even (or odd) number on alternate days of the week, and it never failed they would be putting the sign on the pump just as you had spent an hour or so in line getting up to it. Then you have to hope you have enough gas to go to another gas line down the street. Welcome to the “Jimma Caater” pResidency of the 1970’s, oil embargo from OPEC, gas “shortages”, “wear a sweater and turn down the thermostat”. Yeah, I lived and worked through those years. Gasoline is FREEDOM when it is abundant and “cheap”. But, “cheap” is relative to the “disposable income” you have available, when you are struggling because of inflation, limited income, inability to do extra work to supplement your limited income.

  3. “….ya know, Freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose, …nuthin’ ain’t worth nuthin’, but it’s free…” lyrics from Kris Kristoferson’s song “Me and Bobbie Magee”.
    When/if American citizens lose “Freedom”, there will be “nuthin’ left to lose” because we will have lost our great “Representative Republic” and all we stand for, it will be a long hard fight to try to get it back. We have to fight to keep it and teach our children well the consequences of the possible loss.
    May God Bless America, our Constitution, and all who cherish our Great Country!

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