Gun stores should watch for an influx of gun buyers in the next few days and I’ll tell you why: the rioting season of 2023 seems like it’s starting very early.  In something reminiscent of the 2020 riots that the entire nation witnessed, the hard left in America have organized “mostly peaceful” rioting and mayhem disguised protests about the tragic beating death of Tyre Nichols.

The City of Memphis released the videos of five Memphis PD officers beating Nichols Friday afternoon on Vimeo. It’s bad.

Bad enough that while the mainstream media may publish some of the videos, they aren’t going to show the graphic stuff.

Not only do the five big cops beat the 6’3″ 140-pound Nichols senseless, but the EMTs didn’t seem very motivated to provide aid once they arrived.

Of the four videos, this one is perhaps the most difficult to watch.  These guys made the Rodney King beating look like a gentle massage.

Not safe for work.

We’ll leave the speculation that Memphis PD is hiring gang members and felon to the others.

There is violence happening in big cities. Rest easy, except for Walgreens and Autozone stores. Antifa is on the scene.

Time will tell if the violence escapes the big cities into the medium sized cities outside of the urban centers as it did in 2020.

Don’t leave your guns at home, folks.

And Seattle:

Bad night to be driving on I-55 through Memphis.

Leave it to the “Mostly Peaceful Protests” CNN to beclown themselves.

Leave it to the race hustlers…

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rioting in NYC, Memphis, LA, Portland, Seattle… (Updated)”
  1. That video was savage. If they do that to this guy, how many before him had their rights violated? And the libs and racists who think everything is white supremacy… they’re blinded by their own racism & bigotry.

  2. Interesting to note that they refer to themselves as comrades. That’s purely a term of communists.

    1. That’s what Democrats are these days – communists. Give them another generation, and they will be proclaiming it openly.

  3. Our leaders wonder why many of us don’t trust cops anymore, and don’t want to give them information about our guns or anything else for that matter. Watch the video. I know we shouldn’t paint all police with the same broad brush, but this kind of thing is hard to ignore. They beat a man to death over a traffic stop. How do you think a bunch of this same stripe of cops would act if they were sent out to collect some guns from a law-abiding citizen? What are we to think?

    1. Well, they may very well act quite differently if that normally law-abiding citizen does not agree to their gun grabbing and decides to hand over the bullets first.
      It does seem a bit unusual that all five cops are black, but maybe not so in Memphis if their percentage in the city is higher than normal.
      Also in general, if less and less people are wanting to become cops, they are going to eventually have to lower their standards as to who they will accept. That may already be the case in some cities. Similarly, the military is having to lower standards in some or all areas because of who or what is available to them.

  4. Truly horrific. I have already seen speculation that Memphis has lowered standards and training due to “defund the police” efforts. If so, these 5 could have signed up to “legally” kick some ass rather than to “protect and serve”.

  5. Did the cold weather scare off all the goblins? I haven’t heard anything more about this since then. It was pretty cool last night

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