Our legislature told us that the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” would, well protect Illinois communities. Of course, they also said the SAFE-T Act would make our streets safer too. Clearly both failed as a pair of repeat felons, out on “affordable bail” (thank you Illinois leaders in 2017!) for felony possession of guns, were back out on the street with still more illegally-possessed, likely stolen guns.

Picture this:  imagine you’re a felon who has been arrested yet again on gun charges. The judge grants you affordable bail but you’re supposed to be at home on an ankle monitor, behaving yourself until your next court date. You would think the smart thing would be to lay low and hope some assistant state’s attorney drops your case. Or perhaps pleads your arrest down to a hug from grandma as a sentence.

That would be the smart, socially expected thing to do.

But gun control laws are for suckers and little people.  And the law-abiding.

Instead of behaving, you decide to live-stream yourself driving around showing off your guns with your fellow felon buddy. Who also just happens to be out on ‘affordable bail’ on a gun charge.

Yes, the Chicago Public Schools are graduating rocket scientists and brain surgeons at an astounding rate.

CWB Chicago has the story:

Chicago — Two men on electronic monitoring for separate felony gun cases live-streamed themselves driving around Chicago while brandishing a gun, prosecutors said as they announced new gun charges against both men.

Judge Susana Ortiz ordered Keonte Henson, 23, and Myron Westley, 22, held without bail during a court hearing Tuesday afternoon. She noted “the brazenness of advertising this act to the entire world.”

Westley was on electronic monitoring for a pending unlawful possession of a machine gun charge after being allegedly caught with an automatic weapon during a “large group” disturbance in the Loop last spring…

On Monday morning, sheriff’s office representatives went to Westley’s home for a routine “compliance check,” prosecutor Sarah Dale-Schmidt said. As they left, the sheriff’s team saw Henson arriving at Westley’s home.

A little while later, law enforcement saw Westley and Henson riding around in a car as they live-streamed on Westley’s personal Instagram account, Dale-Schmidt said.

The video allegedly showed Henson driving and holding an ammunition magazine up to the camera and saying there were about 17 bullets in it. Seated in the passenger seat, Westley held up a pistol with a drum magazine attached, Dale-Schmidt said.

Police pulled the men over shortly after their live stream ended. Cops found a loaded handgun in the driver’s door panel and took the pair into custody.

So why was Mr. Westley not at home like he was supposed to be?

Westley’s attorney said he left his house on Monday because he had a job interview.

Isn’t it a felony for lawyers to lie to the court? A job interview? LOL.

6 thoughts on “‘JOB INTERVIEW’: Felons out on ‘affordable bail’ for pending gun cases drove around, live-streaming themselves playing with guns”
  1. I feel so much safer now that Jelly Blob and his pathetic sycophants Bob Morgan and Don Harmon have enacted HB5471. Why you can probably walk down any street in Englewood these days flashing a Rolex and a wad of cash, and be 100% safe thanks to the Three Stooges.
    Any word yet on how many thousands of assault weapons, hi-cap mags and Glock switches the gangbangers have turned in now that we have a law?

  2. How about emailing this webpage to every democrat that voted for the Protect Illinois Community Act. Show them what a great job they did. I’ll bet they will be slapping themselves on their own back!

    1. Democrats are too stupid to grasp that laws only affect the law abiding. They are completely impotent to do anything about gun violence unless they start locking up gangbangers and mental defectives. They are gutless cowards who won’t do what is necessary to really protect society. Instead, they prefer to turn us into a nation of criminals by criminalizing people for what they own or wish to buy and use lawfully.

      In short, Democrats are scum. They are the cancerous boil on the rectum of humanity. Gangbangers like these two are simply their stupid, vicious, violent pets that have broken free from the leash and now destroy our society.

  3. The guy on the right will never be anything but a festering boil on the ass of humanity. And the other one isn’t far behind.

  4. A Protect Il Communities Act would put recidivist guys like this in prison for a long stint. Before they can rape, rob or murder innocent, decent people.

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