Yes, Gun Owners of America has officially joined our coalition fighting JB Pritzker’s new gun ban.  Oh yeah, did you catch the “Illinois Gun Rights Alliance” part of the header?  

Yep, our coalition is now officially known as the Illinois Gun Rights Alliance.  Here’s the press release…

And an update from Todd Vandermyde about the great news!

The Illinois Gun Rights Association has a website, too.

Tip for the day, make sure you use .org and not .com.

Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “WELCOME! GOA joins our ‘Illinois Gun Rights Alliance’ coalition”
  1. Let the lawsuits begin. When this is over, I hope it is used for the basis to destroy state sponsored gun control all over blue America. I also hope Pritzker gets the thanks for doing so from his fellow Bolsheviks.

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