Yeah, he’s such an angel.  He loves going to church on Sundays with his grandma. 

Jaylin Williams, 19, was a first-time gun offender probation when he hopped into a car and drove off while the owner unloaded it in the nice part of Chicago.  As if there’s a “nice” part of Chicago. 

Jaylin Williams.

Williams, cops say, drove off with the rear hatch still open and drove down Lake Shore Drive.  However, when the car shut off because of operation without the key fob, Williams bailed and took off running.

In a miracle of sorts given the department’s “no chase” policy, cops still managed to nab him.  (Good on you, officers.)

And guess what?  When cops got to the abandoned ride, there just happened to be a loaded gun on the passenger floorboard!  I wish the gun fairy would imbue my car with that unique feature more often!  Even if it was not properly cleaned after its last discharge.

CWB Chicago (as usual) has the story.

Chicago — Prosecutors say Chicago cops watched as a man stole an SUV in Uptown, then arrested him in Streeterville after he abandoned the car in traffic on Lake Shore Drive. Police said they found a gun in the stolen vehicle.

Jaylin Williams, 19, is charged with possessing a stolen motor vehicle and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He was already on first-time gun offender probation for another case when police arrested him, officials said.

Williams’ public defender said he is a sophomore at Western Illinois University and works two full-time jobs.

Bullshit.  If he worked two full-time jobs and went to college, he wouldn’t have any free time to steal cars and mess around with stolen guns.

“One of his favorite things to do is attend church every Sunday with his grandma,” the attorney said during Williams’ bail hearing.

After the flimsy assertion that this guy works two full time jobs and goes to college somehow I don’t think going to church on Sundays is one of his favorite things to do.  In fact, I’d bet a dozen donuts that Jaylin isn’t anything approaching a regular at his church.

Judge Mary Marubio ordered him to pay a $5,000 deposit toward bail to be released on electronic monitoring for the new charges. But Marubio also held him without bail for violating probation in his 2022 gun case.




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  1. What a nice boy. I am sure he will grow up to cure cancer, fix global warming and negotiate whirled peas.

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