“Leader” Jim Durkin has quit the Illinois House.  A couple of days ago, we wrote that we looked for him to quit at some point in this coming term because he was going to get primaried for voting for this gun and magazine ban.  He didn’t even wait for his new term to start.

Good riddance, scumbag.  Don’t let the door hitcha…

Looks like we aren’t the only ones who share love for Lil’ Low-T Jimmy.

The only bad news in his announcement is that he’s sticking around until midnight on January 10th.  Why not make it immediately?  Oh, I know – he just wants to vote for another gun ban bill.

Hey Jimmy, here’s your song, buddy.


4 thoughts on ““LEADER” LOW-T DURKIN QUITS… Good riddance, scumbag.”
  1. You think Celeste wears more than the pants in that household? Like maybe a strap on or two?

  2. It never ends in Illinois, what happened to Madigan did he find a corrupt judge to give him a slap on the wrist, now Durkin another corrupt moron in Illinois. They should open a new prison in Illinois just for the Politicians the Judges.

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