Democrat Paul Vallas shows that making moves to restoring law and order to our streets – and some sanity – is not a Republican talking point…  it’s something shared by almost everyone except those infected with the woke mind virus.  Everyone wants safe streets in their neighborhoods and safe neighborhoods where their kids can play without risk of getting shot by gang members shooting at one another.

“There is an utter breakdown of law and order,” Vallas said.

No kidding?

Vallas’ remarks about the breakdown of law and order certainly tweaked Lil’ Lori.  Lori’s lightweight mouthpiece complained that Vallas’ plan to restore law and order to Chicago “was written” by the Chicago Police FOP union President John Catanzara.

Catanzara.  Now there’s a name we like and respect.  And Mayor Grumpypants can’t stand.

Unfortunately, under Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s inept and incompetent leadership (and that’s putting it nicely), crime has exploded everywhere.  Maybe that’s why she and her girlfriend/wife spend their weekends at their Michigan home.  And why she leaves her mouthpiece “spokeswoman” to deal with the media while Lori and her fam hang in a not-crime-infested town in the “Great Lakes State.”

And would it surprise anyone to hear that her police chief flies back home to Dallas most weekends?  Yeah, he’s about as competent as Lightfoot and that’s probably why she hired him.  After all, how embarrassing would it be for Lori Lightweight to be outshined and outclassed by her police chief – a chief that actually showed leadership, charisma and a little compassion for victims of crime.  A chief that would stand behind his cops.  A leader who would let his police officers police the city, locking up bad guys and making the city safe again instead of crucifying them for defending themselves against bad people trying to kill them.

So yes, Paul Vallis released his plan to save Chicago.  Yeah, he’s a political candidate.  Yeah, it’s just talk at this point.  But he’s talking the talk.  Voters should consider letting him walk the walk.

Because clearly Lori Lightfoot thinks she’s doing a great job.  If you doubt that, just ask her.  She’ll tell you “the only rational choice is to return me to office.”

Re-electing low-information Lori a rational choice?  Maybe if you work for her.  Everyone else?  Not so much.

Here’s Paul Vallis’ plan.  You could do this pretty much in every city where crime is spiraling out of control.  And 27 of the 30 of America’s most crime-ridden big cities are run by Democrats.  Yes, soft-on-crime, intellectual lightweights like Lori Lightfoot.

From the Sun-Times:

• Restoring officers to a “normal and predictable” work schedule instead of making them work a string of 12-hour shifts and canceling days off on holidays and whenever crime spikes.

• Waiving Chicago’s residency requirement for veteran officers “in good standing” with at least 15 years on the job and for police recruits until they complete their 18-month probationary period. Vallas, who served as an unpaid adviser to the Fraternal Order of Police negotiating team, also cracked the door open to eliminating the residency rule entirely after extensive discussions with all city unions.

• Streamlining the process for qualified and experienced officers to transfer to CPD from other departments and inviting officers who have left over the last three years to return to CPD with the same seniority they had when they left. Vallas would also create a CPD Reserve of officers who left the force to become firefighters or accept other jobs.

• Rebuilding the ranks of detectives to “10% of overall staffing” and supplementing the detective division with retired officers working as analysts to help raise clearance rates for homicides and shootings and protect crime victims and witnesses.

• Using helicopters and drones to stop carjackings and vehicle thefts, and eliminating a foot chase policy “so convoluted and restrictive” it has literally turned into a “no-chase policy.”

• Establishing a “well-resourced, CTA Police Transit unit” run by “the equivalent of a district commander” and staffed by 700 police officers whose salaries would be bankrolled by the $100 million a year Vallas believes the CTA is “wasting” on private security.

• Ending the “friends and family” promotions practices, known as merit promotion, restored by Brown to help diversify the ranks.

Yeah, friends, family, and sex paramours/friends with benefits…  Like the former booze-hound police chief Eddie Johnson reportedly promoting his little sex toy Nakia Fenner not once, but twice with “Merit” promotions.  At least he married her eventually.  And then, we might be mistaken, but wasn’t Eddie getting some more “friends with benefits” action from another female officer who was his “bodyguard” or driver?  So many sex scandals in CPD leadership it’s hard to keep them straight.

A little googling and what did we find?

Disgraced former Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson turns himself in after his wife ‘called for help claiming he’d pushed her down the stairs’

  • Former CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson, 61, allegedly shoved his wife Nakia Fenner, 44
  • Police visited their home on Friday night but no injuries were reported 
  • Johnson told a reporter the next day: ‘We had a disagreement. We are fine’
  • Comes after Johnson’s former security guard accused him of sexual harassment 
  • Cynthia Donald is who Johnson was caught kissing last October in a bar
  • She was his security guard and part-time driver
  • Now, she says he sexually harassed and assaulted her for several years 
  • He was fired after being found asleep at the wheel of his car drunk 
  • He’d had the equivalent to 10 alcoholic drinks at the time 


• Approving a strong public nuisance ordinance that uses hefty fines and vehicle impoundment to punish looters, flash mobs and others for lesser crimes the state’s attorney won’t prosecute. Vallas denied that the public nuisance ordinance and a reinvigorated municipal prosecutions section within the city’s Law Department would be tantamount to stop-and-frisk.

• Revamping a background check process the inspector general’s office has concluded “screens out too many quality applicants” simply because of the “associations that come from” the neighborhoods “where they were raised.”

• Using the mayor’s office to convene monthly summits of law enforcement officials at the federal, state, county and city levels.

No matter who gets elected next spring, Chicago will remain a cesspool until voters have had enough with Kim Foxx not prosecuting criminals.  But the reforms in the police department Vallis proposes will help towards improving the quality of life in Murder City USA.

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  1. He sounds almost reasonable. Which will make him unacceptable to the low-information crowd that seems more swayed by skin color and sex preference than competence.

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