From my Executive Director’s Notes that I’ll deliver tonight at the Peoria GSL meeting…


No Cash Bail UPDATE:  Today was the final day of fall veto session.  Under extraordinary pressure, Democrats today [will likely vote] on a trailer bill to put a band-aid over the No Cash Bail Act.  Among the biggest changes:

  1. No sudden jail break for those charged previously.  They remain in jail until they post their previously set bonds or jump through hoops to get their cases moved to the new system.  Yes, there will be a smaller jail break, but it’ll be a trickle instead of a tsunami.
  2. .. is now a detainable crime.  As is any other crime where it looks like the offender will continue to break the law.  Including those with a history of blowing off court appearances.
  3. It makes it easier to hold people who are a danger to the community at large and those arrested for all forcible felonies. This is a big one folks.  One which will ultimately defeat the intended purpose of the SAFE-T Act and instead make things worse for “stakeholders” – otherwise known as the poor and minorities.  Mark my words.  At least in the current system they could post an “affordable bail.”  Now, there will be no bail, affordable or not.
  4. It also ends the practice of not charging those who leave home confinement for less than 48 hours, yet these individuals will still have twice weekly “personal business” time to leave the home to commit more crimes – er, I mean go to church.

Democrats will need a 3/5ths vote to pass these changes that improve the act.  

It’s unknown if Republicans will support less radical Democrats willing to make these positive changes to make a horrific bill a lot less bad.  If the Republican caucuses do support these improvements, then it should easily pass.  The downside to doing so is that the Dems will then claim this SAFE-T Act is a “bipartisan.”