My oh my.  Remember back in the day when Shannon Watts claimed to be just another housewife sick of gun violence.  Because of that she started Moms Demand Action.  In reality, she was a political insider and President and owner of VoxPop Public Relations, a boutique liberal PR firm.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times ran an op-ed by someone who seems to be just another millennial this weekend.  What’s more, Alexandra P. Sims also appears to assume the mantle of speaking for all millennials in her op-ed, saying how “we” millennials accounted for a third of the votes and how “we” want this and that.  She offered all manner of flowery words and lofty ideals of what candidates she and her fellow young people voted for supposedly represent.  Including a demand for gun control!

Where the Sun-Times let their readers down is when they failed to share just who Alexandra P. Sims really is.   Alexandra P. Sims’ is not some random, naïve young person full of idealism.  She’s a Democrat party operative.

Here are her lobbying clients – a screen capture from her website.

Just a random young woman speaking up?  Yeah, just like Shannon Watts.  If only.

From the Sun-Times:

We millennials showed up at the polls because we’re tired of the status quo…

Millennials comprised 34 % of the Chicago vote in this month’s election, a sign that young adults have embraced their agency and will stand up for their rights.
By  Alexandra P. Sims

…We millennials may not be certain about what the future holds. But we are clear about the past — and we are not eager to travel backward in time or give up the hard-won victories of previous generations…

In Chicago, millennials comprised 34 % of the voter turnout, a sign that young adults have embraced their agency and their ability to stand up for rights and opportunity. They are not willing to cancel the gains they now enjoy.

We are driven, which is not the usual stereotype typically assigned to us. As millennials, we have seen 9/11, the housing crash, skyrocketing student loan debt, a global pandemic, rampant gun violence and now the rise of right-wing extremism and fascism here in America and abroad.

Our voter turnout on Nov. 8 is evidence of our impatience and fatigue with the status quo – and determination to bring about positive change.

Next up is the city’s mayoral and municipal elections in February; the outcome will shape our day-to-day lives. From clean streets to police brutality, millennials care about the issues. Our voice and our vote will reflect our values.

The candidates who acknowledge the millennial vote and design solutions to address the challenges we care about, such as investing in improving the lives of the most vulnerable, will earn our vote and our confidence.

The ballot box is a channel for change. When we use it, we honor Fannie Lou Hamer and other tireless individuals to whom we owe so much, including the inspiration to be our best selves.

Many millennials have found a fountain of strength, stamina and unapologetic audacity to make the world better by voting, despite the obstacles.

Alexandra P. Sims is president of APS & Associates and founder of Black Bench Chicago.

So, what are some of the problems that Chicago’s leaders like Mayor Lightfoot, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle have shared with residents, including “the most vulnerable” that Alexandra claims to care so deeply for?

From Wirepoints:

Chicago’s progressive agenda has been destructive for black communities

Politico says the Chicago mayor’s race highlights the importance of the “progressive” agenda for Chicago and the focus will be on crime. There are grumbles that incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t “progressive” enough. But the urban progressive agenda under her – with its emphasis on “social justice,” managed outcomes, and performative politics – has hardened the city’s horrible results for blacks around crime and K-12 public education…. 

Six signposts of Chicago’s “progressive” law and order breakdown

Here are six clear indications that progressive apologetics have undermined public safety, with the toxic effects most deeply felt in Chicago’s black communities.

  • Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk, foot chases and car chases. 
  • It is open season on the police. A new state law mandates local police misconduct complaints can now be made anonymously. Police face growing violent hostility, including killings and attacks on police cars. As a result, Police decide to de-police – and to depart. District patrol manpower has shrunk in Chicago.
  • The streets have been confiscated by miscreants. Chicago enjoys near-record high carjackings, plus trigger-happy “takeover” crews who appropriate the city’s streets for stunt driving events but rarely suffer any consequences. 
  • Vehicle-borne armed robbery crews victimize pedestrians in organized sweeps, and catalytic converter thieves protected by gunmen make the rounds as well. Chicago’s streets are increasingly dystopian.
  • Courts have surrendered. In Cook County they have become a revolving door. Alleged criminals awaiting trial are freed on low-cash or no-cash bail, but at least 15,000 times since late 2017 have then been charged with new crimes. The number is dramatically low-balled for myriad reasons. Here are just two. One is the vast extent of unreported crime nationally. Some 60 percent of non-murder violent victimizations are unreported as are two-thirds of property crimes. Another is that for those few crimes that are reported, Chicago has a negligible arrest rate.
  • Emergency response has been maimed. More than half of high-priority 911 calls languished without a timely response last year, and the problem continued this year as top Chicago Police Department (CPD) supervisors now “code out” so-called “backlogged” 911 calls to hide the problem. At such times and without a reported physical injury, officers may not show up to take a report. Voila, crime is down. It is “Defund The Police” without the defunding. 
  • The rhetoric is fierce, and destructive. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Chicago chapter – representing six Chicago aldermen – calls Chicago Police a “white supremacist” organization. A DSA alderman’s aide refers to CPD officers as “pigs” and draws concerns from local residents who say they need protection. Local activists encourage looting. And Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle describes murders like that of hard-working hairdresser and mother of six Tamiko Talbert, a black woman, as due to Covid plus “historic disinvestment and marginalization.” Official Chicago’s progressive tropes on race are a doubling-down of disinformation riven with the arrogance of unfettered power and callous indifference to wrenching daily tragedies in the city’s black communities.


Go read the whole thing.  It’s a brutal takedown of the disaster that is Chicago political leadership and the misery its given to the most vulnerable…  and everyone else.

Yet Alexandra proudly says “we” voted for more of the same in the Midterm elections.  Because she’s deathly afraid of mythical threats to America.

Oh well, she’s going to get more of the same too.  Unless she escapes to the ruling class. 

If she doesn’t, she’s going to get it gooder and harder.  Like all the other little people.


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