Guns Save Life wants to share a great opportunity with our members and friends!  A Peoria group will hold a gun “buyback” event on Saturday, November 19th in four locations in the city

What makes this do-gooder virtue-signaling event remarkable?

Well, the misguided organizers will trade $200 gift cards for any “functional” handguns, rifles or shotguns.  They’ll pay twice that and more for other guns they perceive as extra-icky.  Up to $500 in fact.

Peoria PD’s lead pastor Martin Johnson has organized the event, or at least he’s the contact person mention on posters across the city and popping up online.

Last year I wrote about some folks in Decatur, funded by one of Warren Buffet’s sons living in the city, conducting a similar event.  They ran of of cash before the end of the first hour.  And a whole lot of folks left very disappointed

The organizers claim that they are “taking back the streets by buying your guns.”  Mmm hmm.  Sure they are.  I don’t see a lot of Glocks or Sigs getting traded for a fraction of their value.  On the other hand, if past performance is any indicator, they’ll get a nice collection of old single-shot .22s and break-open shotguns. 

And the guns will come from older folks who have never been inclined to break the law and even if they were, their bar-brawling, store-robbing, and community-terrorizing days are long past them.

I wrote this up at The Truth About Guns and noted the absence of any police department partnerships.  Surely private individuals aren’t ignoring Illinois and Federal Law on the lawful transfer of firearms without any paperwork or background checks! 

At least at most events, like the ones in Chicago, the local PDs are running the events.

There is a mention that “armed security will be on site.” 

Trust me, the armed security isn’t for participant protection…  but to protect their $200 pre-paid debit cards from an enterprising young hoodlum or four more than willing to use their illegal guns to kill people to steal $20,000 to $50,000 in pre-paid debit cards in a glorified shoebox.

Please share information about this event with your friends and family living within a couple of hours of Peoria.  Let’s help Pastor Johnson have a successful event buying guns that no self-respecting hoodlum would be caught dead carrying.

As I wrote at TTAG, if Pastor Johnson really wanted to make his community a little safer, he should offer a thousand bucks for GLOCK switches.  Or maybe $1500 for GLOCKs with switches installed.

5 thoughts on “Peoria Gun Buyback: Saturday, November 19th… $200+ for “functional” firearms! Turn in your unwanted junk for perfectly good $$”
  1. I know that GSL takes advantage of these gun buy backs to promote youth programs but I cringe every time I hear of a gun buy back.

    My opinion; have any of you ever watched Mark Novak on youtube.

  2. Where is the gift card from? Is a single barrel shotgun from many years ago a ghost gun because it has no serial number?

  3. Officers were very cool and professional. They were giving out VISA gift cards but didn’t have enough so the event was over 45 minutes after it started. The Officer at one of the locations even called around to see if anyone had any cards left but they were all out.

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