Rodney Davis, otherwise known as Congressman Blow Hard, is taking the lead on combatting election irregularities.  Or so he says as part of the establishment GOP and member of the insider’s Uniparty Club.  According to Davis in a story in at America Greatness, the US House is sending observers to monitor polling stations and ballot-counting processes across the country.

One would think that the leader of said effort, the “ranking Republican” would be at his office coordinating this effort. 

LOL.  You’re obviously not part of the Uniparty Club.  

If you’re not familiar with the Uniparty Club, that’s okay.  You’re not a member.  And as gun owners and gun rights supporters, you’re not especially welcome either.

See the Uniparty Club is sometimes called the “Deep State” and they have a financial vested interest in seeing that the status quo continues.  You know, multinational corporations, the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party and all their pals.

Like when we as pro-gunners had solid majorities in the US House and Senate from 2016-2018, yet Republican (Uniparty Club) leadership did nothing substantive to advance National Reciprocity or the de-listing of suppressors from the National Firearms Act.  

Yeah, these people talk a good game when they travel back to their districts, especially at election time.  But once they’re back in Washington, they’re more interested in serving their masters there than the little people back home.

Back to Rodney and his leadership role in this “election integrity” project.  Over at American Greatness, here’s the lead-off on the story.

Republicans in the United States House of Representatives are utilizing their oversight authority to send dozens of observers to monitor polling stations and ballot-counting processes across the country ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

According to Just The News, the effort is being led by Congressman Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), the ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee and an outgoing member of Congress who lost renomination earlier this year to fellow incumbent Mary Miller (R-Ill.).

Now, that sounds impressive and you might think, “Good on them for protecting election integrity.”

Let me share a secret with you.  

Rodney Davis won’t be at his office in Washington leading this effort.  He won’t even be at home in Taylorville.

Rodney’s in Australia, drinking and carousing with a bunch of Democrats. 

We can’t say if he’s chasing some recreational companionship or not.  However, we know that American Congresscritters sometimes can attract the attention of impressionable young men and young ladies.  Some might call it cheating.  Others might call it exercising options.  Especially when travelling overseas where spouses will never find out what happens.  Unless they bring back an sexually transmitted disease or two.

Anyway, on Election Day, Rodney will be leading the charge while getting a tan half a world away.

Yeah, if you think he’s looking out for your best interests, you’re a fool.  


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