Gun owners have to get out and vote to save their guns. What most believe are God given rights guaranteed by the Constitution, are under the biggest multi layered attack by the most cohesive anti-gun coalition of far-left liberals and a complicit media ever seen in America.
If you don’t vote some guns will be gone by the end of this term. Guaranteed. Illinois wiped out all 80% gun builds this year with the stroke of a pen-despite the fact they were previously legal to build and own by both state and federal law. Watch AR-15’s and high-capacity mags for rifles and pistols come to the chopping block.

The uber-left and socialists would have us believe their view is the only correct view, and thus “everyone” must believe as they do now, and it must have always been that way ala 1984. The media is the trumpet. Guns and taking away gun rights has become an accepted topic for them. In years past, it was too dangerous to embrace in elections. Now everyone from the President to people running for Dog Catcher can announce we need more gun control laws and get rid of evil guns no one needs- you know, smarter laws. Smarter than the thousands of other gun laws already on the books. Somehow their version would be “better” or “the right way” generally followed by the nebulous term “common sense gun control” which is neither common or sensible.

Gun owners need to show up at the polls. Vote for whoever you believe in- but do vote. High-capacity magazines are in the leftist bullseye, followed closely by the entire AR-15 platform. They would have everyone believe no one should be allowed to have either of them…and just because they say so.

They don’t have to accept the statistics or logical arguments of legal gun ownership, or even Constitutional arguments which apply to an estimated 20 million AR’s in private hands that have never been misused. They just say, “Bad Gun” and “everyone must agree for public safety.” A wacky national socialist A. Hitler campaigned on public safety, gun control and getting rid of the Jews quite successfully back in old Germany.

One study I saw today stated there are well over 77-million-gun owners in America. Imagine if 77 million people showed up to vote just one issue which directly affects them! With a U.S. population of 334 million, the voting block of 77-million-gun owners would control any election.

Is it fair to vote one issue? Sure, it is. If you can’t find any other reason to vote conservative, then understand this. If the current party continues to run rampant, the entire country is not only facing loss of guns and gun rights, but imminent recession and quite possibly into financial depression not seen since the 1930’s-1940s. People voted for all of this in the last election. We can vote out of it.

It would be previously unfathomable to come into power with the intent (or ability) to drive this country into the ground any better than has been done in the last two years. Stunning, just stunning deliberate acts, missteps and operating to pay off political debts owed have led to failure after failure.

Now facing mid-term elections, the Democrats who have crushed the country in the name of “we will take care of you” can’t campaign on any issues! They have made such a mess there is nothing they can claim they will do better! The only thing I see on attack ads on TV is they are trying to make this a one issue election about abortion. Every non-Dem candidate is “Too extreme” or “Doesn’t believe in abortion for incest.” That is all they have to campaign on.

Yes, the Supreme Court returned the power to regulate abortions to the states. There was never a federal law which was legislated to keep abortion law at the federal level, it was just the Supreme Court case almost a half century ago. If it is really the be all end all election point for 2022 which “everyone” believes in, it certainly could have been run through the House, Senate and White House as a law. In 50 years, it has not.

What is the election really about?

This administration has run us into the highest inflation in 40 years. Yet we are supposed to ignore it.

My own 401 and mutual fund savings are down 25%. Ignore that?

The consumer prices for everything are all up. Supplies are down. New vehicles are hard to get and used vehicles values went up 25% as a result. Failures.

Every liberal running for office supports gun bans and gun controls. We are supposed to take gun control direction from the administration who re-armed the Taliban with American weapons.

Gas prices doubled and more in the last two years. $7.00 gas in California? Ignore it. Preventing drilling and then having to dip into our gas reserves to try and buy votes, is like pulling from savings instead of working. Two years ago, we were exporting more gas/oil than importing for the first time in our country’s history and gas was $2.00 a gallon and even less.

Liberal sponsored gas and real estate taxes are up nationwide with no relief promised.

International relations are an absolute trainwreck. Putin waited for the new Biden regime to get in place before invading Ukraine- who we are now sending billions upon billions of US dollars. North Korea is back tossing missiles into the Sea of Japan. Iran has gone back to enriching uranium and taking our bribe money not to and thumbing their noses at “agreements.” Afghanistan was handed over to Al-Queda and the Taliban along with billions of dollars of U.S. weapons. Saudi Arabia has taken a choke hold on oil production and refuses to even speak with Biden- who is begging for more oil to drive the prices down before the election. Failing in this, Biden said we should sanction Saudi. For what?

Four million illegal immigrants invaded the United States in the last two years with liberal support and applause. 300,00 Russians went into Ukraine, and they called that an invasion. What do you call four million? A hand full of illegals were bused to NYC- they called for a state of emergency.

Spending is out of control with vote buying attempts like student loan forgiveness- to be paid for by people who did not take out the loan or agree to pay it back. Brilliant.

Two years of Covid protocols have controlled the population and the economy in the guise of “public safety’, released wildly contrary information and a seemingly never-ending series of booster shots for the “vaccine” (yes, a misnomer) which supposedly works. Right along with masks. Having put up with all of that malarky (declare Shenanigans I say!) now the government won’t let go of that power. Even in light of the president saying the pandemic is over, the CDC and individual states and schools still see money and control in it and won’t give up their hold over the public and are warning about future increases and upticks.

Paying people to stay home during these Covid years has wrecked the American entry level job workforce. Every business has been affected, and service industries have to beg forgiveness due to low staffing and the fact they can’t get anyone to apply for open jobs.

The liberals and White House have weaponized the FBI. It has become an action arm of the Democrat party, the Democrat Bureau of Investigation. Also, there is open warfare against the police in this nation. Criminals have no fear of attacking the police, liberals think the police should be defunded, and the media portrays the police at fault in any news story where criminals acted badly and required police intervention.

In the state of Illinois, we face the upcoming “SAF-T Act” passed by liberals to safeguard criminals and provide them with continued pre-trial freedoms and eliminating bond for almost every serious crime on the books. Vote for us, we made your criminal life easier. There is nothing in the 700+ page bill which makes any law-abiding citizen safer.

Illinois is in the top three highest of real estate taxes in the nation, number two corrupt state as measured by public official convictions, and also has the highest unemployment percentage numbers and worst bond rating numbers in America. Way to go Governor Pritzker!

They would like you to pretend none of those facts exist and reelect the people who made it possible. The Gov sent back $200 real estate tax money in the last month -vote buying at it’s finest. 400 families a day move out of Illinois. It has been going on for several years. Ignore that too. All they ask is you reelect those already in power so they can get more of the same for themselves and you can get the leftovers.

Yes, watch the TV ads or see them in your mailbox. The liberals would have you believe this election is solely about abortion rights candidates.

This all pisses me off.

4 thoughts on “Like To Keep Your Guns? Get Out and Vote. It’s That Simple.”
    1. I heard a great radio ad today that says JB was born on third base, and tells everyone he hit a triple! Classic.

  1. ” Imagine if 77 million people showed up to vote just one issue which directly affects them! ”

    Chinese marketing never works. We have to work to motivate our higher-information friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers to vote, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DON’T NORMALLY VOTE.

    To win this election, WE have to make sure freedom-minded Americans go out and vote.

    How? Piss them off! Find the topic that angers them. It could be gun rights. It might be COVID edicts, mandatory masking and vax mandates, it might be abortion (you need parental consent to get a tat on your body, but you can get an abortion).

    For others it might be the forced teaching of sex ed to kindergarteners. Or the surgical mutilation of confused teenagers or sterility drugs in the name of the faddish trans movement.

    But probably more common will be complaints of the prices of energy (gasoline, home heating oil, natural and LP gas, diesel, etc.), or the price of food (non-China honey for $2x.xx per bottle? OMG! Eggs… $5 a dozen!? Froot Loops $5 for a shrinking box!).

    You get the idea. Give them the proper motivation to go vote

  2. “My own 401 and mutual fund savings are down 25%.”

    You’re doing pretty well.

    My portfolio is varied between a trainwreck and a mere loss. One aspect, crypto, did quite nicely in 2021. So far this year, I’ve accrued $120+k in losses. Good thing I can roll those over to future years to use against gains. Assuming that crypto ever comes back.

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