What happens when pretty much any dear old dad discovers a pervy peeping Tom outside his teen daughter’s bedroom?  Pretty much every time it’s a recipe for a good old-fashioned butt-whoopin’ (to keep this family friendly).  Other times it can result in mutilation, maiming or death for one or more parties.

In San Antonio on a very recent Wednesday evening, a dad rushed outside to confront a pervert peeping on his teen daughter in a state of undress.  The offender, seeing a red-faced, angry dad approaching, he reportedly pulled a knife.

At that point dad pulled his trump card: his carry piece.  Hint: this why you carry every day.

Dad cracked off a couple of shots, apparently missing the knife-wielding creeper.

At the same time, our pervy not-pal Tom decided to run like the wind.  Or at least that’s what the police reports say.

We don’t have Tom’s side of the story. He didn’t stick around long enough to tell police his version of things. Instead he was probably still cleaning himself after losing bowel and bladder control.

Personally, I suspect there’s more than a non-negligible chance that dad made up the part about the knife to justify helping Tom lose all manner of bowel and bladder control.  And to warn him to find another window to indulge his pervy predations if he wants to reach retirement age.  Even if dad did make it up, I’d still vote “not guilty.”

KENS5 has the story:

A man shot at a peeping Tom he said was staring at his daughter through her bedroom window late Wednesday night on the far northwest side of town.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. in the 6800 block of Seco Creek near Loop 1604.

When officers arrived at the location, they met with a father who said he was forced to shoot at a man that was standing outside of his daughters window.
Police say it all started when the man’s daughter caught someone staring at her through her bedroom window, and she immediately left her room and told her dad.

The father went outside and caught the man near his daughters window. He told police that the ‘peeper’ pulled out a knife and lunged at him.

The father said he pulled out a gun and shot towards the suspect several times. According to police, they didn’t find anyone with gunshot wounds. 

If dad really found himself within knife range and missed with multiple shots, maybe he needs some good night sights or a red dot optic for his defensive handgun. Or maybe basic marksmanship training and some range time.

Without sounding to “salesman-ish,” folks, if your defensive pistol doesn’t have tritium sights or an optic, get one or the other (or both) right now.  Most deadly force incidents happen in low-light or no-light environments.


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