North Carolina’s East Henderson Youth Football and Cheerleading League (EHYFC) poked a woke hornet’s next by offering an AR-15 as the grand prize in a fundraiser for kids sports.  Unsurprisingly, some easily-offended types turned their ire on the EHYFC for such an “insensitive” and “deplorable” choice of prizes.

But not only did the youth organization’s leadership not fold, they pushed back and the local raffle has now sold tickets nationwide. Congratulations gun-haters, you’ve discovered the meaning of the Streisand Effect!

It seems that nothing sells tickets quite like a fundraiser featuring America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15. They play well as prizes even in blue states like my Illinois. But in more freedom-loving states like North Carolina? Puh-leeze. Who doesn’t need another AR-15 in their safe? They’re like 10/22…every gun owner should have a few.

The EHYFC further triggered local Karens by having the effrontery to describe the rifle as a “freedom stick.”

From Breitbart . . .

People across the nation rallied for North Carolina’s East Henderson Youth Football and Cheerleading League (EHYFC) after the league faced backlash for raffling an AR-15 rifle to raise money for equipment and supplies.

On September 5 Breitbart News reported that the EHYFC was raffling an FN 15, and that an anonymous parent had criticized the decision to do so.

The New York Post noted that the parent told WLOS, “I was honestly shocked when I received the message that the children were going to be selling an assault rifle because of what’s going on at schools around the country. I thought it was in very bad taste for them to choose a weapon that is being used against children.”

The horror . . .


What did the critics suggest the organization do instead to raise funds for the kids? I’m glad you asked! On Facebook, the trolls came out in force, like this guy . . .

Marshall ColemanFreedom Stick???? WTF! Own up to the Freedom Stick being a killing apparatus. Try a bake sale next time. What a perverted message to send to the very youth you purportedly care so deeply about.

Try a bake sale next time?  Well, here’s the reply from the Youth Football team’s leadership.

EHYFC-Youth Football and Cheerleading Marshall Coleman that’s a great idea! We work, go to school, practice Mon, Tues, church Wed, practice Thurs, game days are from 2-9pm Sat, back to church on Sun. When and where can we meet you to pick up those baked goods? We’re gonna need a lot! Preferably sugar free, low carb, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, keto friendly, vegan, and organic. There’s just so many different allergies, sensitivies, and preferences out there.

EHYFC leadership isn’t bashful about pushing back against the harpies. As they told a reporter, they’re handing everything openly and within the law . . .

“We aren’t offering an assault rifle. We are offering an FN 15 Patrol Carbine,” a spokesperson for EHYFCL told Fox News Digital. “This is an ArmaLite 15-style rifle, not fully automatic, which by definition excludes it from being classified as an assault rifle. We are following all ATF guidelines. The item is being held at an FFL, the recipient must complete an ATF form 4473 and pass an NICS background check before taking possession of it.”

News of the giveaway — and the resulting outrage — spread the word and as a result, EHYFC is getting  corporate sponsorships and offers for professional help . . .

Keith RaynorJust printed and sent in a corporate sponsorship form for the year. Please thank the “Karen” parent for me because without her I would not have known you were raising funds for the season. If you all need a pro-bono North Carolina CPA to file anything with the IRS because your gross receipts push you over the reporting limit, I am right here. I have clients in Henderson Co already.

The offended raised enough of a stink that news and story of the EHYFC’s fundraiser went national. Again from Breitbart . . .

The mother said, “We have far surpassed our goals, and now have the ability to pass those blessings on to others in need. We have read every message, transaction note and email that has come our way. The supportive messages are coming from both retired and active military personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters, fellow youth organization leaders, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and grandparents trying to save our backwards society.”

In other words, they didn’t go woke and now they’re far from broke. Kudos to them. Now, where can I get some of those tickets?