Kwame Raoul rolled into office following in the footsteps of now-indicted Michael Madigan’s daughter’s tenure in that office.  Some have said that Lisa Madigan took the Illinois AG’s office to protect her daddy and his buddies.  If she did, she did an admirable job for twelve years.

In a state with 7000 units of government, in the nation’s second-most corrupt state, Lisa Madigan only filed a handful of cases over her first ten years in office.  None were against her father or any political leaders.  Most of those Lisa’s prosecutions of low-level politicians as AG involved drug or alcohol abuse or reckless driving.  Top tier felony stuff.  And even with the bottomless resources of the Attorney General’s office, she lost about half of those which went to trial.  Yeah, she was right at the top of her law school class.

What did she not prosecute?  Andrew Andrzejewski wrote this in 2015 at Forbes:

She’s allowed felons to serve in municipal office; out-of-towners to serve as city alderman; many politicians to hold multiple – and conflicting – offices; a junior college to award more than $4 million in compensation to its president without a lawful board vote; and much more…

Meanwhile Kwame Raoul has followed in her footsteps and done equally well.  During Kwame’s term so far, the Illinois AG’s office hasn’t filed a single public corruption case.  That’s despite the fact a person can’t swing a dead cat in the hallway of Chicago’s City Hall and not hit at least two or three criminal conspiracies.  

Nope, Kwame hasn’t filed one single case of political corruption against Illinois political leaders. 

Go ahead…  search for it and you will find:

The feds, on the other hand, have filed nine since Kwame put his name on the sign over the Illinois’ AG’s office.

Including Lisa Madigan’s daddy.

And while Kwame Raoul hasn’t done anything to tackle corruption in the nation’s second-most corrupt state, he has certainly used his influence against law-abiding gun owners in Illinois.  As if we’re the ones committing the violent crime so endemic to Chicago. 

3 thoughts on “SGT. SCHULTZ AS IL ATTORNEY GENERAL: Kwame Raoul can’t find corruption anywhere, meanwhile the feds charge NINE political hacks”
  1. Terrific Article. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. We don’t file cases against our party officials….just reinforces the notion Illinois is perennially one of the top five corrupt states.

  2. No surprise IL AG’s can’t find corruption; they don’t want to tick off the Dem machine. So they let the Feds clean house instead. Well, at least the Feds can prosecute a case.

  3. Kwame’s just another black caucus full-time racist and part-time political hack. He wouldn’t charge someone like Emil Jones even if they had Jones on tape sodomizing little boys in his office while taking bribes from Ken Griffin.

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