The Cook County Forest Preserves ban on concealed carry for those with carry licenses was struck down by a federal court last year. The decision in the case ended the blanket prohibition on carry.  The judge in the case granted the Illinois General Assembly until March 31st, 2022 to remedy the Constitutionality issues, however the GA failed to act through the end of the Spring session.

Now, Guns Save Life has received multiple reports from CCFP police officers who, present day, suggest they will make an arrest if they identify someone packing heat lawfully with a carry license.

We called the Cook County Forest Preserves PD and asked for their Public Information Officer for comment on the allegations. Twice we called Marvita Lash (sp?) last week and left a message with her when she failed to answer. We received no return call.  We called again Monday.  Again, no answer.  

Their website, however, still asserts that concealed carry by card-carrying good guys will result in arrest.

It seems reasonable that administrators of the CCFPD and individual CCFP police should know that the prohibition has been struck down by the courts. Why news of the gun ban’s end made national news within the parks community in their National Recreation and Parks Association journal.

With that in mind, it seems as though an officer making an arrest is risking his or her qualified immunity. Not only that, but the department may be opening themselves up to liability for a failure to train and for deprivation of civil rights under color of authority in event of an arrest.



Our advice: Ignore the “no guns” signage and carry on CCFP property if you have a carry license. Concealed means concealed. If detected and an officer wants to make an arrest, cooperate and keep your cool. Remember, a jury will be watching the bodycam video later.

Politely ask for a supervisor to confirm they wish to proceed with an arrest and the potential liability that entails. Make sure the bodycams are all rolling. We’ll help you find a good civil rights attorney.  Especially in this “SAFE-T Act” world, violating civil rights is an especially bad place for any Illinois police officer.  Especially one that likes his or her job and pension.

We think an arrest at this point will be good for at least a quick five-figure settlement, maybe six-figures if you get a good attorney and some extra good, jury-friendly bodycam video. And if they cuff you then run your face into the push bumper of their squad car, that good attorney would probably get you seven figures and someone’s job.

At Guns Save Life, we staunchly support the police. After all, they enforce the rule of law, and without the rule of law, we would have anarchy.

At the same time we have little patience with rogue cops and oath breakers who don’t respect and defend the constitutional rights of gun owners. CCFP cops should tread carefully…

4 thoughts on “Cook County Forest Preserves cops threaten arrests for lawful CCW”
  1. Might be time to mail a letter (Certified Receipt, return requested) to the President of the Cook County Forest Preserve Board of Commissioners, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Forest Preserve Chief of Police regarding their “oversight”. Publish in newspapers of general circulation in Cook County as well, so citizens know their rights. The letter and proofs of service will be of evidentiary value when the first lawsuit against the District and it’s officers is filed, since it is also FOIA-able.

  2. I’ll volunteer for an arrest. I’m single, retired and have some spare time. And I could use $100,000. And I’d take it to a jury before I signed an NDA.

    1. Under Illinois FOIA Act, you cannot be forced to sign an NDA. I fought this with the AG’s office on a Federal lawsuit settlement involving DHS a few years ago. Never agree to signing an NDA involving any Illinois government agency at any level. There are also FOIA Opinions from the AG’s Office that I cited to stop this nonsense. If tax money is spent, it’s ‘of record’.

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