Good news!  New York has figured out how to end firearm violent crime in Times Square!  What’s more, if it works as well as they assure us in Times Square, they’ll expand it across the Big Apple!

Okay, back to the real world:  The city and state of New York continue to thumb their noses at the US Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, expanding the number of prohibited “sensitive” locations and generally ignoring the rule of law.

Recently, the NYPD’s top legal eagle showed off the Big Apple’s new “Gun Free Zone” sign that the city’s galaxy brains dreamed up to ensure that no one carries a firearm where the city prohibits it. Because “gun-free zone” signs have worked so well in the past.

The NY Daily News covered the circus that unfolded at yesterday’s New York City Council meeting on Tuesday . . .

The cops are copying signs declaring Times Square’s gun-free status after local lawmakers banned firearms in the Crossroads of the World.

Robert Barrows, the NYPD’s executive director of legal operations, held up one of the signs — which screamed “GUN FREE ZONE” — at a City Council hearing on Tuesday focused on securing sensitive spaces after the Supreme Court gutted the state’s concealed carry handgun law.

After the June ruling from the nation’s top court, state lawmakers passed and Gov. Hochul signed laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons in various high-risk settings including Times Square, subways, buses and bars. The rules take effect Thursday.

City Council members also introduced their bill this month to redefine the Times Square area as a sensitive location after the ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen.

With gun control laws falling left and right, it’s just a matter of time until fresh new lawsuits throw out these punitive gun control laws New York rammed through as after the Bruen ruling was handed down.

Eventually, the rule of law shall prevail.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers and the city’s visitors can bask in the comfort and security of knowing that Times Square is one place in the city where criminals and terrorists absolutely will not be able to carry a gun. Because it says so right there in big, bold letters.

Maybe I can post a sign that says “TORNADO FREE ZONE” near my house.  Right under my “CRIME FREE ZONE” sign…