Billionaire Mikey Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun (Control) says Illinois has the sixth most stringent gun control laws in America.  Gabby Giffords gives Illinois an A- on the gun control laws imposed upon the law-abiding.

Yet all those racist and classist gun control measures did only one thing in Highland Park on July 4th: they cut down on the number good guys who could shoot back at the social misfit with a prominent Democrat Socialists of America (aka communist) logo tattooed on his neck.

Like the mall massacre in Greenwood, IN, this loser blasted away at innocent men, women and children. Unlike Greenwood, nobody had the means to shoot back.

After all in Illinois, good guys with carry licenses can’t carry at parades. What’s more, Highland Park had a ban on the rifle and magazines used. Those ordinances saved no lives either. In fact, nobody except a handful of cops had the means to fight back, just as the killer wanted it.

The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. Anything government does to cut down on good guys carrying guns makes us all less safe.

Remember, gun control disarms victims, not criminals.