Mary Miller and President Donald Trump.

The Donald, or President Donald J. Trump, will make an appearance at the Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 25th.  It’s FREE and open to the public!  Tell your friends and share it far and wide on your social media pages!

The event will take place in part to promote Donald Trump’s endorsement of Guns Save Life member Mary Miller in her re-election campaign for Congress (see:  AN EASY CALL: Mary Miller supports and defends your 2A rights while Rodney Davis votes for gun confiscations and gets awards from the Brady Campaign here at GSL).  We share it here because President Trump was perhaps our strongest pro-gun president in at least a couple of generations if not longer.  And compared to President Brandon, Trump practically walks on water.

President Trump will take the stage shortly after 7pm.  Warm-up speakers will go on earlier in the late afternoon.  Arrive early.   I’d suggest a brown bag lunch and maybe dinner in a cooler.   Traffic will likely be lined up for miles.  We’re expecting ten thousand or more to attend if it’s like other Trump events.  And we expect folks from Missouri, too.

Adams County Fairgrounds
2010 W 1250th St.
Mendon, IL 

Doors open at 2pm

Experience Americana live and in person.

Reminder, the event will be a gun-free zone for two reasons:  It’s publicly supported property under Illinois law and secondly, because of a US Secret Service protected area in the area around the grandstand around President Trump.  Your car is your safe harbor in parking areas.  You’ll be going through metal detectors, so leave everything – even your pocket knife – in your car.  To expedite your trip through the scanners, you might put everything metal into a gallon size ziplock bag before you reach the checkpoint.

See a true patriot and steadfast 2A supporter, Mary Miller and President Donald Trump!


From Muddy River News:

Former President Donald J. Trump will have a rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon on Saturday, June 25 at 7 p.m.

Trump is coming to endorse Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller in the 15th Congressional District race against Republican Congressman Rodney Davis in the June 28 primary.

For those wanting to attend the event, tickets are available at the following link. There’s a limit of two tickets per cell phone number:

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