Rodney Davis in a limo with Brandon, America’s greatest gun salesman.  Let’s go Brandon!

We at Guns Save Life look at candidates and their stances on gun rights.  And when it comes to gun rights in the 15th Congressional District, it doesn’t get any better than incumbent Congresswoman Mary Miller.  She’s A-rated by Gun Owners of America, and like Guns Save Life, they’re pretty hard-core on the Second Amendment.  She’s also garnered an A-rating from the NRA-ILA. 

Thanks to federal tax laws, we cannot make endorsements of candidates or political parties.  We can, however, educate folks on the stances of candidates and help voters make an informed decision.  In a primary election with tremendous importance this year, this one is a no-brainer.

You know what else?  Mary Miller and her husband, State Rep. Chris Miller, are Guns Save Life members.  And they’re regulars at Guns Save Life meetings – even more so when they aren’t in a contested race for re-election.   

On the other hand, Rodney Davis isn’t quite so unabashedly pro-gun.  Rodney talks the good talk on guns and gun rights, prefacing it on the story about the radical leftist and Bernie campaign worker (James Hodgkinson) from Illinois who tried to assassinate the Republicans charity softball team of which Rodney was a member.  Rodney will tell you, just as he’s told darn near every audience he’s ever stood in front of since it happened, about how close he was to death that fateful day.  

We don’t want to take away anything from Rodney’s presence at a violent crime scene, but folks in Chicago see gunfire up close and personal on a regular basis and they don’t tell their personal tale, with a dash of embellishment, every single time they stand up in front of friends, family or colleagues for five straight years.


See Rodney shows up at the last minute to events, glad-hands everyone like they’re his best friends, tells of his “near death” experience, then skates for the exit at the earliest opportunity.  Why it’s almost like he can’t wait to take a shower after consorting with the little people back in his district.  Then, when he goes back to Washington, he lobbies for a national Red Flag law that would strip Americans of their God-given right to own guns without due process.  He brags – ON HIS WEBSITE! – about being named a “Gun Violence Prevention Hero” by the Brady Campaign in 2019.  With “friends” like Rodney Davis, who needs enemies when it comes to gun rights!


Rodney Davis brags of his “Gun Violence Prevention Hero” award from the Brady Campaign. [Editor: If the Brady Campaign ever awards me, John Boch, a “Gun Violence Prevention Hero,” please burn me at the stake.]

He also has lobbied relentlessly for the national Red Flag law and voted for Red Flag law gun confiscation at every turn.  Again, while talking out of the other side of his mouth about how he is soooooo… pro-gun. 

Then, this year, in a co-sponsored amendment with Ilhan Omar (radical, gun hating leftist – MN) successfully inserted the “Violence Against Women Act” into the National Defense Authorization Act.  Why should you care about VAWA?  Because it includes “emotional distress” as part of its definition of domestic abuse, a claim that’s sure to be repeatedly used and abused as a weapon in domestic disputes to strip armed forces members of their gun rights – without due process.

But that’s Rodney.  He says one thing back home, but then hugs and votes with Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney when he gets back to Washington D.C.  In other words, he’s a swamp dwelling RINO.

Oh yeah, Liz Cheney.  That disgraced Liz Cheney that’s about 100 points behind her primary challenger despite her storied last name as the daughter of a former Vice-President.  See, RINO Rodney and Lil’ Liz are best buddies.  

Heck, Rodney said he would vote for Liz Cheney for President.  Maybe he likes the cut of her jib.

Rodney’s also best buds with the disgraced Adam Kinzinger, who saw the writing on the wall and retired rather than face a certain humiliating defeat back home this year after his traitorous support of gun control measures this past silly season in Washington.   

Rodney also brags he’s the “most bipartisan member in Illinois.”  Hey, Rodney.  They’re using you.  And you’re apparently too stupid to realize it.  Just look at the craven anti-gunners that Rodney’s standing shoulder-to-shoulder with…  

What else about ol’ Rodney?  

He has consistently ghosted invitations to speak at Guns Save Life meetings, including those in his district for six or eight years now.  We’ve given up on him.  And, not so surprisingly, given his record, he avoided us like we had leprosy again this year.  He’s probably too busy meeting with the likes of Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, Lori Lightfoot, and Joey Biden (between Presidential Diaper changes).

Meanwhile, Mary – (did we mention she’s a GSL member?) – has attended GSL meetings on many occasions, including this past Thursday evening in Charleston – after flying into St. Louis from Washington and then hitting an event in Vandalia ahead of arriving at our meeting after 8pm.  In other words, she went out of her way to see us.  While Rodney was probably eating a fancy steak dinner with some high-powered lobbyist with a fat checkbook.

Mary also wears her support for gun rights rather proudly on her campaign website‘s homepage.

Not a lot of ambiguity there.  And no endorsements or awards from the Brady Campaign to take your guns, either.

Not only all that, but Mary’s on the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus.  Maybe Rodney was too busy eating more of those steak dinners with well-heeled lobbyists to find time to join the 2A caucus.  Or just as likely, he didn’t want to associate with those common folks standing up for America’s beloved gun culture.

Meanwhile, over at Rodney’s “ElectRodney” website, there’s no mention of his pro-2A creds on the home page.  On the priorities page – AT THE VERY BOTTOM – he (or more likely a staff member) writes a brief bit about gun rights:

Supporting the Second Amendment

Rodney is a strong believer in the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners. He has worked to promote responsible firearm ownership in Congress as well. Rodney has opposed Democrat efforts to limit an American citizen’s right to own firearms.

At the very bottom shows both literal and symbolic placement of defending your gun rights among Rodney’s “priorities.”   When it comes to votes, he’s at best a fair-weather friend of gun owners.  “Promote responsible firearm ownership” is a whole lot different that supporting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.  

The Land of Lincoln’s primary election is coming up on June 28th.  You need to vote and bring your like minded friends to do the same.  Talk to them about the gun control proposals and other hot-button issues that will motivate them to go vote.  Given the traditional low-turnout, each vote cast will have a disproportionate impact on the outcome – just another reason to make darn sure you and your family and friends take the time to vote.

This 15th US Congressional race is not a hard call, folks.  You can support the woman who has fought tirelessly to defend your gun rights from constant attack from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Kinzinger and Joe Biden…  or you can cast your vote for the guy rides around with senile Ol’ Joe who wants to make it easier for gun confiscations to happen without due process rights.  



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  1. I wish I still lived in that district so I could vote for Mary Miller and against that benchwarmer Davis all at the same time.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Mary does what she says she’ll do. Davis is a two faced RINO that has sold us out too many times.

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