Well, they are at it again. U.S. House Democrat members are desperate for some anti-crime headlines and hope to ride the mass shootings hype all the way to the November elections. They would love to keep it in the public’s attention- away from all the other dismal failures going on this year. So, they came up with the “Protecting our Kids Act” and rammed it through along strict party lines this week, 223 in favor to 204 against. “Hey look we are doing something!…um, well it looks like we are…but we know it will never pass out of the Senate.”

With this bill being run through along strict party lines it will fail in the Senate where the Dems won’t be able to run up 60 votes, or alternately, the Republicans will Filibuster it to avoid coming to a vote.

How bad is it? Well they start out with “Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device” bans on any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. To pretend to ease the pain of the magazine ban, they say a buy-back program would be created. Remember something similar in New Jersey and no one turned in a single magazine?

Next, they voted 228 to 199 to raise the age to purchase certain long guns to 21. This of course reflects the current narrative the last two mass shooters were legally in possession of rifles at age 18 and if we just bump it up to 21 they won’t do it any more. You know, kids of that age are not mature enough to be trusted with a rifle…you know, like Marines, Army soldiers etc…can they still possess rifles under 21? With well over a million AR-15’s in law abiding citizens hands, that is a lot of guns that did not shoot any one the week those two nut cases did.

Every buffet’s nightmare, Rep Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was the bill sponsor, and it would allow “Seizure and Forfeiture” of firearms improperly stored with “large capacity feeding devices.” Come again Jer? Openly announced gun seizures? Well by God. At least it is out in the open. Yes they are coming for your guns and continue to never let a big news story go to waste.

Millions of high capacity rifle and pistol magazines exist in America. If this House bill would get through and become law, it would make them all illegal and the previously legal owners made into criminals…for feel good votes.

What to do? Contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to oppose the Protecting our Kids Act, which is after all, just an act. It does not protect kids, it does not stop school shootings (one of the Columbine evil duo had 13 ten round magazines) , and just punishes the law abiding. The bill does not address criminals and only makes legal and responsible behavior illegal.

A nifty”What can I do?” story came through today from the good folks at Aeroprecision.com. They are working with the Second Amendment Foundation to fund education and legal action programs which educate the public about gun control action via the sale of Magpul PMAG 30 Round AR magazines marked “STANDARD CAPACITY’ with both the Second Amendment Foundation and Aero Precision logos on it for $19.99. Sales of these Standard Capacity mags goes directly to the SAF to fight necessary legal battles to defend nasty and politically driven bills.


Send some money in now to help with the fight. Don’t get caught up later in life explaining to your grandkids “Gee Grampa why did they take big magazines away?” “Well kids way back in the Clinton years a congressman named Biden helped push through a high-capacity magazine ban and a ban on importing foreign rifles and it lasted for a while- then went away.” “Well did it stop crime Grampa?” “Uh no. It never did.” “Then why did they bring it back in 2022?” “Um, I guess kids, they had already run the nation into the ground and screwed up all the foreign policy they could, so they had to dust off that old magazine ban chestnut. There was just nothing left to mess up and figured Second Amendment stuff was OK to mess with too.”

One thought on “U.S. House Passes a “Feel Good” Extensive Anti-Gun Bill Destined to Fail in the Senate”
  1. Heard audio of another congressman asking dopehead Nadler if he would then join him in sponsoring a bill to raise the age for the draft to 21, since those under 21 are (apparently) not able to make responsible decisions. Nadler said no, and something to the effect that even if they are not able to make proper decisions, if the nation needs them, it needs them, regardless.

    Par for the course for the typical Democrap party.

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