Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – aka Groot (far right in the ill-fitting suit coat)- remains vertically challenged.

The incompetence among the political leadership of Chicago shines brightly as America’s formerly second-largest city blew right past 700 homicides for the year two weekends ago (or was it last weekend?) with 3895 addition persons maimed to date.  Meanwhile, the wizards of smart in city government have sent home and placed hundreds, if not thousands of police officers on “no pay” status for failing to disclose personal health information.

And now, in an effort to stop the deep blue zone carnage before it reaches 800 homicides for the year (good luck), Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a new plan.  The mayor, not so lovingly known as “Groot” to Chicago cops, has passed down the word through her hand-picked police chief that she wants the city’s detectives to sit on street corners to deter gang violence.  Which means, of course, these detectives can’t work their cases and catch offenders. 

And if offenders aren’t identified and brought to justice, they won’t be home studying to cure cancer.  And so the cycle continues.

From CWB Chicago:

In a desperate bid to keep this year’s murder count under 800, CPD brass plans to have hijacking, gang, and murder cops sit on street corners

Chicago Police Department leaders this week prepared to order all officers who support detectives and the citywide carjacking teams to sit in patrol cars on street corners in violence-prone neighborhoods as CPD brass desperately tries to keep the city’s homicide total below 800 for the year, according to department communications provided to CWBChicago.

Under the plan, which one commander hoped would be “changed, modified, or rescinded,” all officers assigned to the detective division, including gang investigators, vehicular hijacking investigators, and video evidence specialists, will be required to wear their uniforms and “sit in a box” between 6 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Sitting in a “box” is CPD slang for being assigned to sit in a car at a fixed position in a high-crime area. It’s also known as “scarecrow policing.”

“Our chain of command did not come up with this,” one supervisor wrote. “This is coming from the superintendent.” A second source said the order came from CPD’s second-in-command, First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter.

Meanwhile, with detectives working their scarecrow police assignments, the organized crime rings do their things unmolested.  They rob high-end stores of fancy purses.

But it’s not just designer purses they’re stealing.  Crews are also hitting Walgreen’s stores and stealing tobacco products.  Of course, with a city tax of $1.18 per pack on cigarettes, coupled with a Cook County tax of $3 per pack and a state tax of $2.98, it’s easy to see how boosting a hundred cartons of smokes is a decent haul.  Add in 10.25% city sales tax (on those other taxes) and even cheap smokes costs well over $10 per pack.  Marlboros probably go for closer to $12 or more.

Welcome to life in a very deep blue zone, where locals keep electing people like Mayor Lightfoot and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (D-Soros).  And where violent criminals have killed more people in a single American city than in 46 entire states tallied in all of 2019.  At about 825 corpses, Chicago will have achieved the ignominious accomplishment of having more homicides than 47 ENTIRE states had in the ENTIRE year of 2019 — and that 47th state being our very own Land of Lincoln.

Way to go, Groot.

Let’s go, Lori!

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  1. I kind of feel sorry for the regular people of Chicago. Then I remember how Lori lightfoot wins by such a large majority.

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