Bless his heart.  Really.  Bless his little heart.  Poor never-Trump neo-conservative Adam Kinzinger announced he’s “retiring” from Congress today.  Would someone please pass the tissues?  

Kinzinger, the guy who campaigned as a pro-gun sorta guy who then stabbed gun owners in the back with support for one anti-gun proposal after another.

From the Quisling’s very own Congressional Webpage:

OTTAWA, Ill. (FOX 32 News) – A top Illinois Republican says he’s now willing to support three gun regulations he previously opposed. 

Talking to voters in LaSalle County, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger said as last weekend’s gun massacres unfolded, he found himself rethinking his approach to the gun issue.

“I’m a very pro-second amendment guy,” said Congressman Kinzinger. “I’m a believer in the right to conceal carry, etc. But I also want to listen to the arguments of the other side.  Let’s all treat each other humanly again and listen to each other.”

Second, banning gigantic ammo magazines like those used in some recent massacres. Some hold 100 or more bullets. 

Thirdly, raising the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21, the age currently required to buy handguns.

“I know when you are at the age of 21 and you break up a relationship or you felt mistreated or bullied, most people won’t go and shoot up their classmates, but some will,” said Congressman Kinzinger. “And so the reality is what can we do to begin to mitigate the issue of shooting and violence in our schools. And I think one of the things is to say we need to raise long gun age purchase to 21.”

Asked about proposals to ban the AR-15 and other military-style assault weapons, Congressman Kinzinger said he himself owns one, and he does not think there are the votes in Congress right now make a ban law. 


This is the same guy who wrote this on a campaign questionnaire from “On the Issues“:

As a member of the National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association, I will be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

NOTICE TWO THINGS:  He’s NOT a member of Guns Save Life and secondly, with friends (and NRA/ISRA members) like him, who needs Michael Bloomberg to fund gun control?

What a turd.  And that’s when he wasn’t busy rubbing shoulders and talking trash about “Making America Great” alongside his friends from the Lincoln Project.

The Swamp loses another dwelling creature.  But wait!  Maybe Adam can catch a gig working for the “Let’s Go, Brandon” team occupying the White House in their Make China Great Again policies.


Yeah, good riddance Adam.  You won’t be missed, buddy.