Is your neighborhood infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers? Think you can’t bury guns in your backyard?  Never fear.  Sure you can.  Time for a trip to Home Depot or your local hardware store. Here’s your list.

At least one 10’ section of 6” PVC pipe ($38.47ea. at… free local delivery with $45 order!)
Caps as needed. (About $12 each)
PVC primer and glue for your “plumbing” project.

Only charge these items with nothing else on the receipt. Consider having them delivered, too.

Make up one short (maybe one or two foot long) “storage pipe.” Insert one tube of Daisy BBs. Using bubble wrap to protect the BBs from shock and rattles is optional. But first, cleanliness is next to godliness. Be sure to thoroughly wipe the interior and exterior of the storage pipe to remove any PVC shavings. You can use that dirty, oily rag from the last time you cleaned your rifle. There isn’t anything on there that will hurt what you are trying to store. Then cement the caps into place.

Call before you dig! Call Julie (811 on your phone) and ask them to mark your yard.

Bury your pipe in your yard. If you’re busy, you might have to do it in the evening or maybe even after dark while using flashlights.  Or maybe even quartz halogen lights.

Once that’s done, turn over one shovel full of soil in multiple holes throughout your yard as you collect samples for soil testing of your lawn. Be sure to call a lawn care company using your cell phone and ask how much that testing would cost.

Then, to keep your garage free of clutter, give or sell remaining parts to a friend who may actually need them for a discrete project of their own.

The total out-of-pocket cost: A little over $100 in Trump-era dollars.

The look on certain faces when they open that storage pipe? Priceless.

Just like the old Mastercard “priceless” commercials.


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