File two under “should have been defensive shooting” file:  A woman sunbathing in a Bucktown neighborhood park in Chicago noticed a man standing next to her “with his hands near his genitals.”  She asked him if she could help him and he jumped on her and put his hand over her mouth. 

Thanks to a couple of big, burly dudes nearby who came running, she escaped her attacker as they pulled the serial sex fiend off of her.  The attacker claimed “it wasn’t what it looked like” but got an F for believability from bystanders.  A third good Samaritan followed the man while talking to 911 and police showed up and made an arrest after a few minutes.  When seconds count, police are just minutes away!

After police got him in cuffs, the suspect Darryl Sprowal, 41, claims he tripped and fell onto the woman.  And darn it, if she didn’t just put her mouth into his hand.  Yeah, I made the last part up.

It’s a good thing crime in Chicago is so rare and the city is so safe that the mayor has time to declare “racism” a public health emergency because “it’s literally killing us.”  The VERY SAME DAY!


CHICAGO (CBS) Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday declared systemic racism a public health crisis in Chicago, saying disparities in access to effective and affordable health care, the impact of racism on the mental health of people of color, and the subsequent difference in life expectancy “is literally killing us.”

But back to the attempted sexual assault of a sunbather:  CWB Chicago has the story:

Prosecutors on Thursday charged a twice-convicted sex offender with trying to sexually assault a woman who was sunbathing this week in a park adjacent to the 606 trail in Bucktown.

The 45-year-old woman was wearing a bathing suit and lying face-down in Churchill Field Playlot Park, 1825 North Damen, when 41-year-old Darryl Sprowal walked up around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to police and prosecutors.

Sprowal moved his hands to his groin area while standing within feet of the woman, who has never had contact with him before, Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Deboni said. The woman reportedly looked over at Sprowal and asked if she could help him with something.

Suddenly, Sprowal jumped onto the woman’s back and began grabbing her face as if to cover her mouth, Deboni said. The woman screamed, attracting the attention of two men in the area. They both intervened.

As Sprowal got up, he said he “didn’t do anything” and “it wasn’t what it looked like,” Deboni said. He then walked away on Damen Avenue.

A third witness took video and photos of Sprowal as others called 911. Police searched the area and found Sprowal in the 2000 block of West McLean around 2:22 p.m., according to a CPD spokesperson. The alleged victim identified him as the man who attacked her and Sprowal told police that he “tripped and fell” on the woman, Deboni said.

Oh, did we mention Chicago isn’t safe?  

How about the Maryland doctoral student who was stabbed to death mid-afternoon in downtown Chicago?   Definitely should have been a defensive gun use, however the woman probably wasn’t a fan of gun ownership for self-defense.  And she probably didn’t hang with people who carry a gun for self-defense either.  Ultimately, she didn’t use her situational awareness to avoid danger.  And it stabbed her in the back three times.

From HeadlineWealth:

Criminology Student Who Railed Against Racial Injustice Stabbed to Death by Homeless Black Man
A 31-year-old female scholar who wrote a paper attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist was viciously stabbed to death by a black homeless male in Chicago.

Would you believe the suspected stabber attacked two other women (AT LEAST TWO OTHER WOMEN) in the past month, but he was out thanks to affordable bail and all that.  One of the other women was beaten so badly that firefighter paramedics thought she was shot in the head.

From CWB Chicago:

The possibly homeless man who fatally stabbed a Maryland woman in the Loop over the weekend has viciously attacked at least two other women in the Loop this month, according to CPD reports and a community alert from Area Three detectives. One of the other victims was beaten so badly, fire department personnel initially believed she had been shot in the head.

Yet, despite apparently knowing who the offender is and publicly stating that investigators have good images of the man, police did not release a single photo of the suspect to help the public identify him.

“We know who he is. We’ve got good film of him,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Monday.

Anat Kimchi, 31, a criminal justice doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland, was fatally stabbed around 3:35 p.m. Saturday by a man who attacked her from behind with a knife on the 400 block of South Wacker, according to authorities. Kimchi, who was stabbed three times, died a short time later. Police later said the offender appears to be a man who lives in a homeless camp near the attack site.

Thinking of taking your family to downtown Chicago on the weekend to see the sights?  Unless you want to include hospitals or the morgue in your sightseeing, you might take your family travel to a safer city.  One not run by Lori Lightfoot.

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  1. And to think all the wonderful democrats in this state want to make it even more difficult and expensive for all law abiding folks in this state to get this states permission slip so they can own a firearm.
    Along with this and everything else they still wonder why so many people are leaving the state.

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