Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) is coming to Illinois!  Yes, on Thursday, July 8th, she will headline an event at the Effingham Performing Arts Center.  Come meet the pro-gun alternative to AOC and ‘the Squad’.  It will be a fun evening.

Congresswoman Greene has already made herself the lightning rod for criticism and venom from the gun-hating left in Congress and nation-wide.   She stands behind her principles and doesn’t hide or sugar coat them.  Including her support for America, Americans and our gun rights.

Not too many so-called pro-gun candidates out there are willing to put an AR-15 in their campaign literature.  But MTG doesn’t care.   She not only poses for promo photos with America’s favorite rifle, but she shoots one as well.

Does your Congressman or Congresswoman do that?

For more information on tickets to attend, click here.

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