Like you I saw the horrific news from Boulder Colorado about the spree shooting inside a grocery store this week with ten dead, including a police officer

We have seen mass shooting stories mangled and obfuscated by the press- no sense waiting for facts, but this time the shooter has also been seen as some kind of perfect storm for political purposes to advance gun control all while the blood still has not congealed.

You see, the far left has been trying to create an enemy for a year or so. They think they need a rallying point for their supporters. (Hey kids it worked great in Nazi Germany, in Russia and even China!) “Police Bad” kind of ran it’s course over the last year while a Billion dollars worth of damage was done by Anti-fa, BLM and those easily swayed. Since the police thing was winding down, and when the Capital was overrun, suddenly police were good again to the people in DC, especially to the new Dems in power.

So they needed a new enemy. So they introduced white militias and made great gains to include getting Biden to mention them and white supremacists and the military even has to have a stand down to look for them in their ranks. Why they must be everywhere! Look at how they vilified teenager Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. Remember Kyle being chased by “mostly peaceful protesters” down the Kenosha street who hit him over the head with a skateboard, and another peaceful protester pointed his Glock pistol at the teen and Kyle shot first and hit him in the arm that was pointing the pistol? I remember.

So with the second mass shooting in a month, and the fledgling liberal administration already suffering some lumps from a “non-declared” but oh so public border invasion, spokespeople and media took the One-Two-Jump approach to sensationalism in Colorado and declared this white male to be the poster boy for gun control they have been looking for!

He seemed so perfect. I mean he is white and a male, and was apparently angry and had a gun. To fill out the sweet dream, the gun was reputed to be a Ruger AR-15 pistol with a wrist brace. Imagine a wrist brace device- oh heavenly day that alone would run anti-gun pushes for months! The high body count also suggests high capacity magazines were involved. One tweeter said the reason the shooter was still alive was because he was white. News photos show him to be pretty pale, but having a lot of blood run down your leg can do that to you.

Having a demon spawned AR in the story adds fuel to the Democrat fires. “Nobody needs that gun.” Discounting the fact it is America’s most popular sporting rifle, with some where around 20 Million of them in public hands. Honestly if that rifle is the problem, you would have seen some different headlines by now. Hammers actually are used to kill more people in a year than rifles in America.

When Cain slew Able they blamed Cain, not the rock. May have been the last time liberals missed a chance to call for “common sense rock control.”

When news hit of the murders in Boulder Democrats started shouting from the rooftops immediately- “Gun Control, Gun Control, Gun Control.” The President publicly called upon Congress to do something…anything really. He called them “gun safety measures.” You know. Safe things. That measure. At least he did not use the phrase “common sense gun control. ” It is a phrase which only makes sense to the liberals, is ignored by criminals, and is suffered by the law abiding.

Demos have been wanting Universal Background Checks to include private gun sales, high capacity magazine bans and “assault weapon” bans. These measure have been quickly shouted into microphones, Tweeted and posted electronically over the last 48 hours.

Even Faux-cahantas, Elizabeth Warren jumped on the band wagon and said they should use this horror to brow beat the Republicans into giving up the filibuster in Congress for all time, so Dems can pass “gun safety legislation” and “gun violence won’t get better” until they break the filibuster rules. No sense wasting a public crisis Elizabeth, or parading around an obvious fabrication for your public benefit.

Even the Extra Large Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, went on air talking about the victims and violence over in Colorado. and he called upon Congress to pass gun safety measures. Adding his bulk, if not his waning authority to the matter. As an aside, he did not mention the 15 people shot and 3 dead that same night in Chicago, or mention something should be done there too. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. With the first three months of the year nearly complete, 657 have been shot in Chicago and 126 murdered- so far. Might be something there of story there or some human suffering, I don’t know…


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Just as they always do, when the press jumps to banner shouting headlines in a crisis-in the first 48 hours after the Boulder murders they put out bad information, politicians jumped to even worse conclusions and talking heads on TV, as they usually are- were wrong. Really wrong.

I don’t usually provide the names of the shooters in anything I write. Their twisted attempts to briefly shine are awful, but in this case the press did not readily print the murderer’s name and I had to seek it out- you have probably seen and noted it yourself- Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian born male who spent most of his life in America. Very few news stories from liberal bent outlets provide his name, and as is the case when such things don’t match their agenda, it is ignored or overlooked quickly. This news story is headed for the back page.

OK, he went to school in America. Don’t have to jump on him because his name suggests he might practice a particular religion (stories I have seen claim he is “devout” others say he is more casual in that particular religion.)

But hey, that Syria thing kind of rings a bell doesn’t it? Didn’t Joe Biden send the bombers over to lower the boom on militias in Syria about oh, say three weeks ago? Hmm. That could be a clue sort of thing couldn’t it? Stairstep Joe bombs his country, and less then a month later he legally purchases a gun and shoots some Americans to death?

Oh, and speaking of things that don’t get mentioned, early reports said the shooter posted anti-white rants or anti-American rants on Facebook, which of course were removed quickly, and today a law enforcement leak said he is claiming credit for Isis in the attack.

Gee, kinds tough to keep holding him aloft as your Democratic poster boy for gun control isn’t it if he is a foreign born person targeting whites and/or Americans- he sort of looks like a domestic terrorist.

Oh yes, and for the past two days the FBI has admitted he had been on their “radar.” No that’s not air traffic control radar. It’s potential terrorist radar. One of the things to look for as observers of this story, is to see if the FBI takes control of the investigation and if they call it domestic terrorism. Then the lid slams shut and very little information ever makes it back into public purview.

Just like every other spree shooter, stories are now coming out in the aftermath of this murderer being a loner, being an angry person with grudges who feels persecuted, has a history of violence, and is possibly delusional. The last piece we see in every American mass shooting like this, is a history of mental illness and psychotropic drugs. There has been no mention of this yet in the press, but don’t be surprised when it shows up.

Well the socialist/communist/woke who have the ear of the media can still use this shooter to advance gun control can’t they if they just ignore things like, oh say-“Facts.”

Well here is a list of other pesky facts they will have to ignore as well:

  1. If only we had Universal Background checks! Oh, Colorado already legislated that one into law. The shooter passed a background check and purchased the gun legally through a vendor.

2. OK, well we should have some Red Flag laws to identify potentially violent people and the police can take their guns away before they do harm! Oh, yeah, Colorado has Red Flag laws too. No one turned this guy in.

3. Well by damn, Joe says we need to ban all them there high capacity magazine bullet holder thingees… well, see Colorado quite publicly outlawed them too a few years back, even with Magpul operating in Colorado.

4. Tougher gun safety for all! Whoops. Seems the Giffords Courage, a pretty rabid gun control group, actually reviewed Colorado and gave them a passing grade for all those safe looking kind of laws, and said all states should have laws like Colorado. Ahem.

5. Well ok, what about those damned AR-15? Democrats love to villify that inanimate object and the evil thing should be banned by governments every where. OK. Last time- did ya know the city of Boulder actually has an “assault rifle” ban on the books? Yep. It’s illegal to have one. Yet some how none of these oh so well intentioned laws stopped a crazy bad guy from being a crazy bad guy.

…and you know what else? Several other laws that make it illegal to murder human beings or shoot human beings in a felonious manner were also violated and failed to stop this killer. Imagine. Yet if we believe the party in power in Washington what we really need is more of laws.

I am anxious to see how the political hacks handle all these inconvenient truths, which keep popping up after the initial headlines die down. You can bet they will still call for “gun safety” but how long and how loud they do it while trying to ride on the back of an apparent domestic terrorist will be interesting.

Gun control always has been, and always will be, all about controlling the law abiding, not the criminal.

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  1. Great article Mike. It should be read by every politician, and on the evening news everywhere. But we don’t use facts or logic, do we?

  2. This garbage opinion article is one reason people don’t take your group seriously. It serves only to separate us from future potential supporters of the pro gun movement on the left and center. Take care o/

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