“The time is always right to do what’s right,” the great civil rights leader (and gun owner) Martin Luther King once said.  He was right, too!  Today, some do-gooders in Decatur announced a coming gun buyback for Friday afternoon, April 2nd from 2p-6p.  Sponsors are calling it the “Decatur Community Day of Peace.”  

They are paying big bucks for firearms.  AND magazines.   In fact, they are paying unheard of prices, no questions asked!

Yeah, you know those old, beat-up milspec AR-15 magazines?  They’re paying $35 for those.  And $25 for run of the mill semi-auto mags (they have “high capacity” in the image, so 10+ round count).  Here’s your chance to dump those old no-name jamline and jam-o-matic magazines for a princely sum.   The same goes for damaged mags or training magazines you’re sick of dealing with.   After all, gun stores have brand new PMags for under $20 including tax!

So let’s help them out, ladies and gents.  

Candid admission:  GSL turned in its last guns at the Chicago gun buyback a couple of weekends ago and we’re dry.  But I bet for $225 per specimen, you might have a clunker or five laying around ready to become perfectly good cash.  And ditto for magazines. 

If you want to donate your bounty to GSL to use for youth shooting programs, great.  If you want to donate it to yourself, that’s great too.  What’s really important is that we help the Decatur Community Day of Peace have a successful family event.


6 thoughts on “LET’S HELP! Decatur Gun Buyback Coming April 2… paying BIG $ for guns AND magazines”
  1. I am all in. Friday. Afternoon seems like a weird time to have a gun buyback though. I guess they’re not targeting the workingman.

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