Who lost their guns?  That’s the question Phoenix Police are asking after a homeowner in the west valley area found quite a surprise in his backyard. The resident unearthed a duffel bag full of mildly rusty guns.

Amazingly, instead of calling dibs on the find, the homeowner called police.

The homeowner told police he was digging a hole to plant a tree when he discovered the guns. Look at the picture and see what you think.

Who plants a tree that close to a wall? Unless they plan on removing the wall in a few years. In any case, the resident called the local 5-0 who cheerfully carted off the guns to investigate if they’d been used in any crimes.

Will the guns be returned to their rightful owner(s)? Time will tell.

From Phoenix PD Facebook page.

Homeowners in a west valley home were digging a hole for a tree when they dug up more than they asked for!

Imagine their surprise when they found a duffle bag, opened it up, and saw rusted rifles and handguns. They called #PHXPD and turned them over to detectives, who will investigate if these firearms were used in any crimes. #youneverknowwhatyoumayfind

We have a story pending on how to diversify your collection of guns to guard against theft, catastrophe or other issues. We’ll be running it in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Suffice it to say that burying your guns in a duffel bag isn’t an approved way to protect your collection against loss. Or to cache your guns.