Venues across Illinois are being held hostage by Governor Pritzker’s lockdown edicts.  Constitutional rights to assemble?  Ol’ JB found a flu exemption to that right, along with plenty of others.

We just received word this afternoon that Coz’s in Mt. Zion, the home of our Decatur regional GSL meeting, has been shut down by their local health department.  So they (Decatur on Wednesday) join cancelled meetings in Pontiac on Tuesday and Peoria on Thursday.

Please let your friends know about this.

What’s more, GSL’s story from this weekend noting that Johns Hopkins Newsletter story about playing fast and loose with causes of deaths is now getting more traction across the Internet, despite the best efforts of Big Tech to suppress the story.

Here’s our story.  (It’s after the notice of meeting cancellations.)

Here is is at The Ace of Spades.  And Gateway Pundit to name a few.  We found it at Instapundit.