State Rep. Dan Caulkins spoke at GSL’s Decatur meeting.  He shared an update on Illinois gun licensing schemes and on the many (federal) corruption investigations underway.

He began with telling folks how ISP processed 50,456 FOID applications (new and renewals) in July. That’s down from the world-record 73,066 in June, but that’s still double the normal workload for them.

We aren’t sure if that’s applications received or not.  Because we don’t think it’s applications processed and here’s why:  Because we’ve talked with two people in the past week.  One took ELEVEN MONTHS to process is carry license renewal.  Another took NINE.  NINE MONTHS.  When, by law, ISP has a maximum of four months to process renewals.

I’ll be three months expired on my FOID card come September 1.  And I submitted my renewal during the first week of March.  Meaning ISP is in violation of IL law on that as well as they only have 60 business days to process renewals.  Or is it 90?  I don’t know, but I know the ISRA told us this was a great thing when they negotiated allowing ISP more than 30 days to handle renewals.

New FOID card applications are taking twenty weeks to complete – in violation of Illinois law. The applications are supposed to be completed and cards issued within 30 days. But don’t look for hard-left, gun-hating Attorney General Kwame Raoul to ride to the rescue.

“The whole process is FUBAR*,” Caulkins said. “They are in way over their head” trying to keep up with FOID, CCW and firearms transfer background checks. Point-of-sale checks for dealers are taking weeks to approve in some cases.

This is a good time to push for the end of the FOID card. It’s only a burden upon the law-abiding, not the criminals.

Guns Save Life has a lawsuit pending challenging the FOID card’s constitutionality.  And the ISRA has filed suit to mandate the ISP process FOID cards in a timely manner.  Frankly, at the present time, there’s not much the Illinois State Police does legally when it comes to enforcement deadlines on gun licensing schemes.

Caulkins also shared Michael Madigan news, including how there are feds from Texas giving Mr. Madigan quite the procto exam.

We have had endemic corruption in both Springfield – and Chicago where you can’t swing a dead cat in city hall without hitting at least one or two scandals – for decades. Of course our Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul acts like the Sergeant Schultz of law enforcement.

AT&T and Walgreens have reportedly been implicated in the massive corruption investigation. Mr. Caulkins says there’s no way Fortune 100 companies are going to cover for Mr. Madigan. “They’ll cut him loose without a second thought,” he noted.

And our delightful governor reportedly faces more investigations about property tax assessments at over 100 properties he’s tied to in Cook County.

And yet ANOTHER federal investigation is looking into deals made by Pritzker’s allies, including his Lt. Governor, to help grease the skids to legalize recreational marijuana. As GSL has reported before, one quarter of the tax monies from pot go into a Democrat slush fund to donate to their political cronies.

Given all of the visiting federal investigators, even some Democrats are calling for ethics reform. Not because they are altruistic, but because they’re feeling the heat from constituents.

*FUBAR: Family friendly definition… fouled up beyond all recognition.

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  1. I renewed my foid (i thought) and ccl in jan .. as well as notified change of address , had to write and ask 5 months later where they were , can never get through on phone number . Then a week later got the foid.. with outdated exp date .. they took $80 to change address only .. I had to go back online and submit another renewal for it , for another $10 . still waiting … great money maker for them

  2. I am glad to hear that GSL still has a lawsuit pending, concerning the FOID card nonsense.

    Being someone that is old enough to remember when we could buy guns through the mail without back ground checks and FOID cards. Back in those days just about anyone could buy a gun.

    I often wonder how we were able to survive without “ALL” of this Big Brother Government.

    We even had a Hong Kong flu out break in the 50’s that was really rough.

    We even had a flu out break during Woodstock and some how millions of stupid long haired, Dirty hippies manage to survive.

    Thank God we have “ALL” of this government today to keep us safe.

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