What is it with some people?  Why do they feel like they can get in people’s faces about masks?  Or worse yet, draw a gun on those without masks?

Ask some guy by the name of Marc Boudreau.  He lives in Bourbonnais and at the local Jewel-Osco, he thought that concealed carry badge in his pocket made him Johnny-law to demand three maskless outlaws mask up.

It did go well after he pulled a gun on them in the parking lot outside, according to police.

This 60-year-old jackwagon is now nationally famous.

BOURBONNAIS, IL — A Bourbonnais man has been arrested on accusations he threatened to shoot three people in a Jewel-Osco parking lot Tuesday night for not wearing masks inside the store. According to the Daily Journal, 60-year-old Marc L. Bourdreau was in a checkout line inside the store in the 600 block of Main Street NW while three people were behind him, not wearing masks, Bourbonnais Deputy Police Chief Dave Anderson said. Bourdreau is accused of pulling a handgun on them in the store’s parking lot after he waited for them to come outside, and asked them, “How would you like to get shot in the head?”Anderson said, according to the Daily Journal.

Anderson told the Daily Journal that Bourdreau had a concealed carry permit and valid FOID card.

HAD being the operand word.  He HAD a FOID card and a carry license.  And he probably HAD guns at home…  at least until police showed up there to take care of that issue.

Bourdreau was stopped by officers while trying to drive from the parking lot. He faces aggravated assault and unlawful use of a weapon charges stemming from the accusations.

What?  Mr. Bourdreau realized he done effed up and decided it might be a good time to leave?  Too late, dipstick.  They got your license plate number.

So he surrendered his right to own a gun for the rest of his life because he felt so enraged that three people didn’t wear masks in a store?  That’s some real smarts there.

Here’s some snaps from Marc L. Boudreau’s Facebook page.  Looks like he’s a retired union electrician.  How about that, retired at 60!  Pretty sweet gig.

Given our world today, he likely won’t get prison time.  But he will likely get a felony and his victims will likely reach into his pocketbook via a civil court action.

Not everyone without a mask is an one of Pritzker’s “scofflaws.”

I personally don’t wear a mask because of a medical issue.  Just last weekend, I was accosted in a Walmart by some Karen with a penis who walked within six inches of my face to ask me where my mask was.

“Your mask is in my face,” I said to him as I saw that he clearly hadn’t washed his mask in quite some time.  My car’s carpet floormats were and are cleaner than his mask.

So he leaned in even closer and yelled even louder.  He must have thought my ears were covered or something.  In response, I asked him if he would like to go self-procreate.

He looked at me like he didn’t understand what that meant.  At first.  Then he yelled at me for the better part of a minute, closing with “I hope you get the virus and die.”

If he had been outside waiting to confront me again, only this time with a gun, it would likely have become bloody in a hurry.

Why is it leftists always wish death on people who disagree with them?  What happened to tolerance and welcoming diversity?

Folks, just because someone in a store doesn’t have a mask doesn’t mean they are maskless because they are sick of Governor Pritzker’s endless mandates and social shaming of those who won’t wear a mask.

5 thoughts on “SOME PEOPLE SHOULDN’T HAVE GUNS: Gomer pulls gun on three for not wearing masks in Bourbonnais, IL”
  1. liberalism is a worse disease than the corona and infects people without “common” sense, (elitist liberals will have nothing to do with us “commoners”, especially sense). liberals think they must make others conform to their ideas no matter how misguided their ideas are. NEVER let a liberal have access to firearms, they can not control their emotions, no wonder they want to “control guns”, they cannot control themselves.

    Hope this moron has to do some time in jail, if not prison, and must write a heartfelt letter of apology to his victims.

  2. So the big question: If one of the victims had a CC weapon, would he/she have been justified in drawing and firing?

    1. Of course the victims would have been justified, both legall and ethically.

      I submit the more pertinent question is: As a concealed carrier yourself, coming upon a clearly crazed gunman holding others at bay screaming something about “not wearing masks,” are you justified in shooting him and/or should you?


      And how many times have we heard stories like this where the crazy leftist cop-supporter ends up shooting the innocents? It could VERY WELL have happened here. The guy is clearly a loony-leftist just LOOKING FOR an excuse to pull out his gun.

    2. Kenny-boy, You MUST be mistaken,…”crazy leftist cop-supporter”??????????? You are showing your mental deficiency AGAIN!!! LEFTISTS HATE COPS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, ETC. AD INFINITEM, JUST LIKE YOU, IDIOT! And “leftists” hate guns (in law-abiding citizens’ hands) as much as they hate cops, however, this lunatic “slipped through the cracks” and got a carry permit and guns, he musta lied on his “mental evaluation” much like you kenny-boy.

      You asked for opinions, mental midget, here is mine, …touché.

  3. Mr. Boudreau is fortunate another CCL holder didn’t think he was the criminal worth shooting. Drawing your firearm is a big deal, and, as we’ve learned, is a last resort necessary for protecting life and protecting from great bodily harm.

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