We’ve all seen it outside of big cities – and even in some big cities like Indianapolis.  You’ll see a police squad parked at the home of a cop.  Some agencies allow these “take home” squads with the idea that officers will take better care of “their” car and it increases the perception of police presence throughout the community.

Times they are a-changing.  Given today’s brazen lawlessness, Law Enforcement Today wrote about ne’er-do-wells canvassing neighborhoods and recording addresses with take-home squad cars parked out front.  Then they’re publishing threats of what they plan to do with the families when the squad cars are gone (and the law-enforcement family member is “at work” in their squad).

So, tip for the day to law enforcement officers:  In this troubled times particularly, the bad guys are feeling pretty brazen and emboldened.  Make sure your significant other is trained and equipped with the necessary tools to defend the homestead while you are at work.

Here’s the LET story.

Warning: Reports of groups canvassing residential neighborhoods, taking photos of homes with police cars in driveways

WASHINGTON D.C. – Law enforcement officials from across the country have reached out to Law Enforcement Today asking us to warn police across America about a potential threat.

Transparently – our team debated internally whether or not to cover this story.  We are America’s largest law enforcement owned and operated media outlet, and we are unapologetically pro-police.

Although we don’t hesitate to call out and provide media coverage of bad apples, our priority is in giving the voice to law enforcement that they’re often denied in the mainstream media.

The last thing we want to do is put officers at risk by giving bad people ideas.

But soon after this threat started spreading like wildfire online, we had law enforcement from across the country reach out.  They pointed out that the threat is already circulating.

Many have asked us to address it so that departments are aware of it and can take precautions to make changes, if they deem it necessary – especially given how quickly it’s circulating.

They made a valid point – it’s better to be aware of a potential danger and take precautions than to not know about it because of a national breakdown in communication.

It’s worth noting that we have NOT received any confirmation of this from the FBI.  With that said, a number of agencies have confirmed for us off the record that they’re aware of it and are making internal changes.  We’ve been asked for obvious reasons to not report which agencies they are.

Here’s what we’re told.

In a number of different communities in states ranging from California and Texas to Florida – reports have come in that small groups of individuals appear to be canvassing neighborhoods and taking pictures of homes that have police cruisers in the driveways.

“I can absolutely confirm this,” told us one police spokesman, who asked that his department be kept anonymous because of the threats.  “We’ve received multiple reports throughout the weekend both in terms of phone calls and alerts that neighborhood residents are putting out on community watch apps.”

It comes as police are receiving direct, personal threats through social media, calls and emails.

“We and our children are receiving threats,” one police lieutenant told Law Enforcement Today.

The departments we spoke with said that they’re currently making policy changes so that take-home police cruisers are either garaged or – for now – left at the police departments.

“We expect danger when on the job,” said one sergeant.  “But this is different.  They are threatening to burn down our homes and kill our families.”

Officials have also told us that they’re instructing officers to make other changes, such as making sure uniforms aren’t hanging in personal vehicles while driving into work.

“Effective starting this past weekend, no police vehicles – including unmarked vehicles – will be brought up,” one Captain told Law Enforcement Today.  “This isn’t to punish our guys – it’s to protect them and their families.”

Emphasis is original.

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  1. We are dealing with a hardcore Bolshevik take down of our State and Country.

    The riots we are seeing today are similar to the riots Obama organized in Kenya to help his cousin Odinga.

    American pastor Rick Wiles was in Kenya during this time period and witnessed the carnage caused by the Obama riots.

    Bolsheviks use violence and looting as tools to force their agenda down the throats of innocent people, regardless of skin color.

    Stockpiling food, medical supplies and having a way to protect your families and neighbors maybe the best hope we have.

    This fall we must vote out the Bolsheviks/Democrats

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