Chicago Police photo.

While Illinois holds the distinction of the harshest Chinese flu restrictions upon residents of any state, criminals in Murder City, USA couldn’t possibly care less. Social distancing? Stay-at-home? Not among the criminal class. Chicago’s bad boys were out in force and killed ten over the Memorial Day weekend while wounding 42 others. as the details of the Windy City’s deadliest Memorial Day weekend in five years.

Final Not-A-Lockdown Tally: 10 killed, 42 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 8 killed, 35 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 8 killed, 31 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 7 killed, 44 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 10 killed, 67 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 12 killed, 45 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 8 killed, 21 wounded

Bold times and addresses represent fatal incidents.

Friday 5/22
2:05p 1800 S Avers, North Lawndale, M/17
4:20p 2500 E 79th, South Shore, M/22
9:15p 7900 S State, Grand Crossing, M/21
11:25p 5600 S Paulina, Englewood, M/41
Saturday 5/23
12:10a 400 E 61st, Woodlawn, M/30
12:50a 7600 S Exchange, South Shore, M/15
1:20a 6400 S King, Grand Crossing, M/37
1:45a 600 N Lockwood, Austin, M/33
6:05a 5949 S Justine, Englewood, M/28
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/23
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/26
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/35
6:25p 3900 W Grenshaw, North Lawndale, M/43
6:55p 5700 S Wolcott, Englewood, M/25
6:55p 5700 S Wolcott, Englewood, M/35
7:45p 1300 W 97th, Washington Heights, M/32
8:05p 6500 S Sangamon, Englewood, M/35
9:35p 8739 S Parnell, Auburn Gresham, F/31
9:55p 6100 S Indiana, Washington Park, M/16
11:10p 3400 W North, Humboldt Park, M/28

11:50p 4500 W Maypole, Garfield Park, F/23
Sunday 5/24
2:10a 3800 W Gladys, Garfield Park, M/23
3:50a 7800 S Ingleside, Grand Crossing, M/45
7:45a 1000 N Drake, Humboldt Park, M/21

7:55a 100 W 105th, Roseland, M/22
3:05p 400 E 103rd, Roseland, M/?
5:00p 200 W 99th, Roseland, M/27
7:55p 1500 S Wood, Near West Side, M/26
7:55p 1500 S Wood, Near West Side, F/42
8:30p 1500 W 88th, Auburn Gresham, M/36
10:30p 3400 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/22
Memorial Day
12:40a 5600 S Drexel, Hyde Park, M/35
2:10a 8800 S May, Auburn Gresham, M/45
2:10a 8800 S May, Auburn Gresham, M/45
2:30a 6500 S Drexel, Woodlawn, M/23
2:35a 7300 S Paulina, Englewood, M/53
3:20a 9800 S Ellis, Pullman, M/30
5:10a 12000 S Wallace, West Pullman, F/15
9:00a 800 N St. Louis, Humboldt Park, M/35
4:50p 9000 S Racine, Washington Heights, M/21
6:30p 3000 S Gratten, Bridgeport, M/20
6:50p 9100 S Union, Washington Heights, M/22
8:30p 2800 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, M/45
8:30p 2800 W Wilcox, Garfield Park, M/52
9:20p 8800 S Burley, South Chicago, M/20
9:20p 8800 S Burley, South Chicago, F/21
9:50p 3500 W Walnut, Garfield Park, M/29
10:20p 6900 S Loomis, Englewood, M/?
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, M/33
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, F/36
11:25p 1000 N Hamlin, Humboldt Park, M/44
No Accountability Tuesday
1:10a 7200 S Talman, Chicago Lawn, M/?

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, left, at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications headquarters over the Memorial Day weekend. Note the TV tuned into CNN.  Chicago Police Department photo. Via Twitter.

Oh, but wait…it gets better.

Four people suffered stab wounds at a single address in the Gresham neighborhood. CBS Chicago has that story.

Four people were stabbed after a fight broke out in a backyard in Gresham.

Chicago police said a woman stabbed several men near an apartment building and then someone stabbed her.

All four were taken to a local hospital and are expected to recover.

All that violence happened as Mayor Lori Lightfoot busied herself using police resources not to crack down on criminals killing people, but upon churches holding in-person services. Unfortunately for Lightfoot, the highest profile incident saw police locked out of the service.

From Breitbart:

Lightfoot reportedly sent three marked squad cars and two unmarked cars full of officers to the Chicago Cornerstone Baptist Church in the South Side’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Woodlawn is just south of Hyde Park, the area in which the Obamas lived for a short time before Barack became president…

Pastor Lewis told Starnes that he felt like he was confronting “the Soviet-style KGB” as the officers pounded on his doors and demanded entry to shut the church down.

“Thankfully, our doors were locked as a normal safety precaution we take each service to protect our members from the escalating gun violence in Chicago,” Lewis said.

A sentry that is usually posted outside the sanctuary to monitor the street during service also reported seeing occupants of a dark car with tinted windows filming the incident through one opened window.

“All we are seeking is the same consideration and trust that is being tendered toward the liquor stores, abortion clinics, and Walmart,” Lewis told Starnes.

Criminals don’t care about laws or social norms. And Chicago pols apparently are more worried about stopping worshipers than doing something about gang violence.

Yet that doesn’t stop gun control advocates like Lightfoot from claiming that if we just pass a few more laws, bad people would stop criminal misuse of guns.

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  1. Mayor lightfoot is the devil’s disciple, look at her eyes in almost any picture and you can see evil staring at you.

    Churchgoing people are not the retched mayor’s constituents, the evil criminal gangs are. May God guide us through these evil times and destroy the evil ones.

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