Guns Save Life has cancelled its May series of meetings across Illinois.  Yes, because of the Coronavirus situation.  So sit back with a beverage of your choice and try to catch a relaxing evening when you would have attended a GSL event.  If you don’t have your copy of GunNews yet, read on…

We will return in June, unless our hosting venues are closed because the governor extends his “lockdown” including restaurants into June… or into July as we’ve been told he has planned to implement (as of this past week anyway).

Obviously, Pritzker’s plans could change with increasing numbers of protests, along with local and county officials that publicize their intention to ignore continued lockdown orders.

When we do return, we’ll endeavor to do it in a socially responsible manner, urging those who wish to wear masks to do so.  We’ll also work to have hand sanitizer present as well.

Furthermore, if you’ve been sick or been around someone sick, we’ll ask that you stay home for 14 days afterwards.

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.  And keep visiting for updates and information.

In the meantime, we’ve posted our May issue of GunNews online.  It can be found here.