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Two independent sources inside Governor Pritzker’s administration have confirmed that their boss plans to keep Illinois closed until after the July 4th weekend.

Neither official would talk on record, but both echoed the same potentially bad news for Land of Lincoln residents.  And they cited the governor’s risk-aversion for his paralysis in making moves to open Illinois for business.

Last week, Jay Robert (aka Judgement: Bad) extended his Executive Order and related “rules” and other edicts through the end of May.  However, the gov. has already faced one successful lawsuit blocking his unconstitutional restrictions.  Additionally, a number of sheriffs and police chiefs have announced they have no intention of enforcing Pritzker’s economically disastrous orders.

Behind the scenes and news conferences, Pritzker plans to keep Illinois closed through the end of the Independence Day weekend. 


A health care worker treats a beer flu patient in Chicago. Reuters image.

Because Chicago is the epicenter of Chinese flu cases in Illinois.  And the governor remains utterly terrified that he will be blamed for any surge of infections and deaths that might follow a massive weekend of celebrations in the Windy City and in the collar counties, especially after a spring-time of people cooped up and eager to get out and socialize.

Yeah, it’s easy for him to heap blame upon President Trump but Pritzker’s thin skin can’t take it.  He’s basically paralyzed with fear.  Fear that he will be blamed.  Fear that he will look weak and ineffective.

One specific event in particular has Pritzker terrified more than any other:  the massive fireworks display in Chicago at Navy Pier.  Hundreds of thousands gather together, packed closely, to watch the incredible pyrotechnic and laser show.

Aside from his fears of catching blame and second-guessing for Chinese flu infections and deaths, Pritzker’s secondary fear is that he will look weak if (when) people begin to largely ignore his edicts from on high.

Pritzker’s worried the local businesses will tell government agents trying to implement business closures and other regulations to go pound sand.  Because under Illinois’ Department of Health Act (20 ILCS 2305), while the Illinois Department of Public Health may shut down a non-compliant business, they must get a court hearing within 48-hours or the mandatory closure loses its force of law and government officials must then rely on “voluntary” cooperation.   And at this point, without a court order, the business owner may re-open with impunity.  And stay open.

And even if the local health authorities go to court, they’re going to run up against local judges, elected by (and held accountable to) local people.  Odds are under Equal Protection arguments and others, it will prove a tough sell for government to force closure of one business when others doing similar work under similar circumstances are allowed to remain open.  (Construction as an example…  construction for government projects continues apace while private construction is supposed to be idled to protect against Wuflu infections.

In addition to fear that businesses and everyday people will begin to ignore his “orders,” Pritzker’s worried about sheriffs, police chiefs and local units of government publicly refusing to enforce them.

This is why Mr. Multi-billionaire Governor came completely unglued when he heard about the Clay County court that sided with Rep. Darren Bailey in ruling Pritzker over-stepped his authority.

His Royal Highness doesn’t like it when some rural county jurist tells the world that the Emporer has no clothes.

What can you do, gentle readers?

You can do nothing and watch Illinois continue to implode.  Or you can get off the couch.  Stand up, speak out, and get involved

There are huge rallies scheduled for Springfield and Chicago for this Friday, May 1st.  Others no doubt will follow.  Get out and get involved.

Be sure to read our story on how to fight back against Pritzker’s authoritarian over-reach based upon utterly faulty “models.”

25 thoughts on “A DEFICIT OF COURAGE: Gov. Pritzker plans to keep Illinois closed until after July 4 weekend”
  1. This crap storm needs to end. This state is going down the toilet. We need our jobs back. We need our economy back. We need our freedoms back. What we don’t need is a totalitarian Stalinist dictator as our governor.

    1. I’m in a DuPage county town and our barber shop quietly “opened” that with a sheriff going by ” not “seeing” us. Point is cops know he’s a turd and it’s not hors place. Just watch, all will be opened this won’t end well because even the left that’s not in the club north shore’s aren’t able to fill up their Subarus and now some even have to walk inside Starbucks. This is 100000 PROOF how either stupid or outta touch the entire left is.

    2. Voice text Is like Govenor Jabba totally worthless, anyways aside from barber deal the shops owner his son ER Doctor in one of these supposed hotspots of Chicago, his exact words were jaw dropping. Low on some supplies early on and no bodies stacked up, lines whatever. You needn’t wear a tin foil hat be a quack to realize it’s a scam larger than our lifetimes will encounter. Just hope Govenor fatty goes into huge pile of Lightfoot as his hearts blowing up watching all of Illinois taking What’s theirs back.

  2. Prickster is trying to bankrupt the stat so he can have the feds bail them out or, just outright default on the states debt.

    1. The more business gets steamrolled by gov panickster the more of his friends profit with juice loans, Bk asset sales, and gov contracts..the governor is a menace to society and his disguised transformation of laws

    2. He wants bailed out, he’s an idiot. I’m so hoping the working people of Illinois refuse to accept his dictatorship. The working people of Illinois is the last thing he cares about. Read the CDC, they have fully admitted the numbers are inflated horribly.

  3. Trump has major property holdings in many of these large Democrat ran cities and states. The Democrat governors are deliberately using their power to keep their states closed as a way to de-fund Trump and stop his Supporters.

    PLEASE remember the Demo-rats always claim they are for the people but they are willing to destroying small business, for political gain.

    I hope “ALL” of you are stockpiling food medical, supplies and building a 5-10 program.

    At least try and grow a garden.

  4. Write some letters to your local paper, I have one pending in the sNews Gazette, (Champaign county) about “scare tactics” and responsibility of fed. gov. to supply medical institutions with materials for their operations.

    This commie-Wuhan flu has been overblown with the emphasis on death rates and rates of contraction while ignoring the recovery rates and the fact that many people who contract the disease barely know they have it.

    Spreading the fear is the easiest way to control the masses, when has America ever quarantined healthy citizens to control a sickness or illness? Normally the sick are quarantined.

  5. Common sense would dictate that if it is Independence Day celebrations in and around Chitcago that you are concerned about, then ban them and leave the rest of the state alone.
    However, I’ve not heard anyone accuse the Hutt of having common sense.

  6. I was hospitalized in Carle back on Feb 11th. High temp, very low pulse-ox. After 3 days I weaned myself off the o2,my fever dropped and I was discharged. 3 weeks later I saw a Pulmonary specialist for follow-up. He said i was ok except for having full blown asthma. BTW, I asked for a couple of masks for the virus. His words were”you had the virus, you fully recovered and do not need ANY MASK. IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF MONEY.

  7. Why is it that every Democratic lowlife gets into office the state goes further in debt, jobs get lost, and now this crap with the virus. They are running small business out. They shut down by orders but when allowed to open they have to get large loans to get back on their feet. And who has their hands on the loan money Democrats which will charge very high interest rates. Then the first thing they will do is give themselves pay raises. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH get them out of office.

  8. Liberate Illinois president has our back. This is in constitutional. He has already been proven wrong in a civil suit and lost for unconstitutional authority and his wife is in Florida vacationing hmmmm does that seem ok. We the people of Illinois will stand together against this tyrant.

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous! .003% of Illinois has it and 98% get mild symptoms. That’s like .000006 get really sick. Enough is enough! I have better chance of dying in a car accident so should I not drive????
    This fat moron is supposed to care about the people and is nothing but a self serving liar!
    His wife goes to Florida to their $12 million dollar home??? Are you kidding me? This virus isn’t as dangerous as SARS and a few others so why are we ruining the lives of so many people so Chubby the Hutt can eat even more while his people starve. Screw this! Stand up for your rights! Take those stupid masks off and return to normal!

  10. Heading to Springfield IL in one hour from Glen Carbon Il. If he is so fearful maybe he should step down and let someone else govern Illinois.

  11. Sorry. Not buying it. It’s all hearsay and fear mongering. I want things opened NOW same as everybody else here. But this article seems a bit suspicious. If he is so worried about the fireworks display, then cancel it the same as most places have already cancelled their 4th celebrations.

  12. I dought if people will wait that for one
    This is so not understandable. Theres going to be more violence .

  13. This is impossible and unconstitutional! I worked for a year and a half to open my own small business only to have it shut down 6 weeks after opening! I have been compliant but I will go broke! So will millions of others. This will kill the economy for sure!

  14. It’s time we go back to work. Our Governor and Congress are hiding from the virus and their responsibility’s. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t go back to work. We can do our own social distancing and wearing our masks. It is either fight the virus and the Governor or starve. Sorry I’m not starving.

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