Last month, on page 24 of GunNews, we ran what purports to be a Moms Demand Action promotional ad advocating people “Demand Universal Background Checks NOW!”

One reader noticed the racist message contained within. But instead of directing his anger towards Bloomberg’s “Everytown” organization and its subsidiary, Moms Demand Action, 20-year-old Eastern IL University student Ian Steward focused it on Guns Save Life.

“How about you stop discriminating against black men? Your ad is racist as f***. You’re an absolute joke of a f****** man. Disgusting.”

We’ve reached out to Mr. Steward, pointing out that the image was merely a reprint of a Moms Demand Action ad, but he’s declined to reply or comment.

Sadly, more people haven’t seen the racist nature of Moms Demand Action’s gun control mission. Or they noticed it but failed to call them out on it.

Not only was Moms Demand Action’s piece racist, but gun control in general is racist, classist and sexist.  And like most of America, we at Guns Save Life don’t support those things.

Instead, we advocate for all law-abiding Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Including men like the man pictured.

14 thoughts on “SOMEONE NOTICED THE RACISM: A reader calls *us* racist for reprinting a Moms Demand Action promo piece”
  1. Back when the FOID card nonsense was being debated a local sheriff told people to not worry about the FOID card because it wasn’t going to be applied to White People.

    Funny thing is a few years latter that same sheriff was using the FOID law to add to his personal firearms collection.

    He was a Democrat.

    1. I remember reading somewhere that Hizzoner da Mare said that in his office while talking it up to the Springfield crew.

      I forget where I read that. I believe it was the Chicago Reader, but the search function on their website didn’t give me any hits.

  2. Damn leftist liberals and their bigoted, racist gun-control crap! This was why the NRA was formed after the civil war! NRA’s goal at the time was to ensure all frreed slaves were given their Second Amendment rights like any other American citizen!

    1. Tru and than in the 70’s they support killin MY rights to open carry in California because of Black Panthers EXPRESSING RIGHTS!

  3. The North Carolina pistol purchase permit from the Sheriff is a 1930s relic of the KKK days. Probably the only racially oriented law left in that leading state of the “modern South”. Now days the Democrats love it.

  4. No chance that was a fake ad? If its too good to be usually is. I seriously doubt they would make this big a mistake. Perhaps a link to where its being used?

  5. I can not find the GunNews Magazine. Nor any info on this please site your references and magazine.

  6. That’s obviously a bit of fakery. Moms Demand Action never created that POS image. Obviously the work of Russians or asshole disaffected Nazi Americans.

  7. Do a reverse Google image search on that image? Can’t figure it out, cause you don’t understand technology? That at least explains why SSL(Https) is broken on your site. The only reference I can find to that is a photo “homeless man”, if you search “moms demand action” with that as a term, you find this forum thread with a bunch of obviously satirical photos including this one. THIS IS NOT A MOMS DEMAND ACTION AD. Did you really think you printed a MDA ad? Why would you print that? No, you printed a racist ad from a internet troll. You guys (Site/magazine owners) are idiots.

    1. Joey’s made the classic mistake of assuming you’re talking to reasonable men here! I’m a rabid gun nut myself and I can’t believe half of these people have the brain that God gave a squirrel! They don’t believe in reason they believe as much in banging your head against the wall as the left believes in banging our heads against the wall. So don’t expect a retraction from john boch!

  8. This is incorrect. I presume you will detract this article and publish an apology, and en explanation that you are too stupid to even double check where the image originated.

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