So this morning I visited the Bloomington Wuhan flu testing facility set up on the grounds of the Interstate Center on the west side of Bloomington.  If you’ve been to a McLean County Sportsmen’s dinner or the Bloomington Gun Show in recent years, you’ve been to this building.

I arrived early in the day and found the place a proverbial ghost town.  The National Guard folks are providing the manpower to make this work.  Backed up by the nice ISP Troopers with long guns handy.

They are set up for a LOT of people to come through.

At a virtual press conference today, the Illinois Department of Public Health indicated the facility was able to test 250 persons per day.  But not everyone who shows up gets a test…

Upon reaching the perimeter of the Interstate Center, you are greeted and told to hang a left to queue up for the line.

This poor soldier had no protective gear.

Saturday marked the first day of the event and 80 people met the criteria for a test and 107 met the criteria on Sunday.

But back to the process:  Once folks have made it to the head of the line, they arrive at a screening station.   They provide some ID, and answer some questions.  I’ve got a request in with the event’s Public Information Officer to send me the questions they ask.  I will update this if I receive those questions, so you can do a pre-check before you even consider driving to this or any other public testing facility.

If you don’t fit their assessment, they send you down the chute in the below photo.

What is the assessment?

First off:  Does the person fit a high-risk category.  First responder, health care worker, age 55+ or have underlying health issues.  Those coupled with a fever, shortness of breath and/or persistent dry cough.

There may be more, and I’ve got a request in for the whole list.

Note the lack of a face shield, or hair protection worn by the person interfacing with the vehicle occupants.  She’s either really brave or they don’t have enough gear and she’s making the best of a bad situation.

If they qualify for a test, the drivers are then sent towards the building where they will drive inside and have the test administered while remaining in their cars.

Again, note the lack of protective gear.

I met with the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Matthew Ringenberg, an Emergency Response Coordinator who served as the man in charge of the event.

He shared some information with me and asked me not to show any identifying information of any patients as I took photos, but otherwise seemed very open to allowing me whatever I wanted.  But frankly though, the last thing I wanted was inside the building.

Hence the reason for pixelated license plates.  And Matt didn’t seem that keen to becoming famous, so I’ve pixelated his face and his ID.

The McLean County test facility will be there “indefinitely,” according to the people at the press gaggle.

They health pros present said that the testing amounted to “the tip of a really big iceberg” and that we should “brace for impact” when the true scope of infection hits.    To best prepare for that (and to minimize the crush of people on the health care system), folks should continue staying at home wherever possible and practicing social distancing.

Two of the recent four newly confirmed Wuhan flu victims attended a small gathering at a private home in Bloomington-Normal.  Health Department people are trying to make contact with the remaining folks to have them a) get tested and b) stay quarantined at home.

Fertility damage?

The latest reason to avoid infection for the young and “healthy” goes beyond lung damage.  Now there’s a fertility aspect of infection showing up.

Yes, the Chi-com virus may cause sterility in men through greatly reduced sperm production and in women as well.

Chinese doctors warn that the coronavirus may lead to testicular damage and male infertility.

The report came from a team led by Li Yufeng, a professor from the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, where the virus originated. The team published the report on the hospital website, but it was taken down after it was widely shared on Chinese social media. So far, no study has confirmed that the coronavirus can damage male testicles and adversely hurt male fertility. The team suggested men who get the virus might consider getting tests on their semen quality. So far, over 2,300 people in the United States have contracted the coronavirus, and at least 50 have died. President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday to combat the spread of the virus.

Scientists working on research and treatment of Coronavirus have made a startling discovery- that the deadly virus may cause infertility among survivors and speculation is that it will consequently lead to a drastic decline in populations affected across the world. The fear is that a majority of men and women who catch Coronavirus will be left infertile even after they have made a full recovery. With experts suggesting that Coronavirus may infect between 60 to 80% of the world’s population, and with infertility being inflicted on the body by the virus, it is understandable why analysts are scared of a real hit on the world’s population.The Coronavirus affects the reproductive organs and men’s sperm count and sperm quality according to a medical paper that has been published and will be linked at the bottom of the article. It is also being speculated by experts that coronavirus affects women’s fertility as well as men’s. This has led to an increase in the number of women rushing to freeze their eggs in the US and Britain before they contract the virus. A number of men are also rushing to store their sperm at sperm banks with the fear that if they survive Coronavirus, they will be left infertile.

3 thoughts on “My trip to Chi-com Virus test station; Chinese flu causes sterility?”
  1. Why the police presence at a testing location? They afraid someone will steal their masks? As for sterility? That mean my wife and my girlfriend can quit taking the pill?

    Just kidding about the girlfriend.

  2. I heard about the sterility aspect of the virus over a month ago.

    I personally believe that aspect of the virus is “REAL”. Enough research has now been done to verify the sterility claim. The virus causes bloody lesions on the testicles. Long term effect is possible “sterility”

    This virus attacks the Heart, Lungs and Testicles.

    The perfect depopulation Bio-Weapon.

    I also believe the claims this virus was created in a “Lab”.

    The real covid 19 Virus contains an HIV envelope which is based on a certain protein.

    The True Covid 19 test looks for that protein. There are 2 primary strains of the virus L & S.

    One of the virus strains causes the High Fever, Pneumonia and Death.

  3. Stupidity causes sterility. Stop trusting these bastards. What is wrong with people who can’t turn their brains back on after watching that communist box in their houses and attacked to their hands!?

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