It’s Day 8ish of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s “Shelter in Place” order – or whatever you want to call it.  The number of cases is going up each day in Illinois (duh!).  Most of the new confirmed Chinese virus patients are in Cook County.

The good news is that while the anti-gunners would love to advance their cause (like during any other day ending in “-y”), CV19 has used up ALL the oxygen in everyone’s room.  Hence my CV19 comfort and coping kit above.  (Padron Churchill cigar, my favorite, for those wondering.)

Read down below for some great reference links, including a couple I’m reading and keeping up with.


So some ranges in Illinois are closed, including the ISRA Range in Bonfield (or so I’m told).   Many outdoor ranges are “open” / available to members to sight in their guns or practice their skills with a minimum of interpersonal interaction.

At the same time, many if not most indoor ranges and associated gun shops are open, thankfully.  At least for those looking to buy a gun or pick up an already purchased gun.  Ammo has become very scarce.

If you need ammo and don’t have it, shame on you.  You can remedy that situation though.   If you see it available in a store and you need it – you better jump on it with both feet.  Ammo may be scarce for months.

Talk of Martial Law coming to Illinois.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgery doctorate to figure out the direction things seem headed in terms of spread.

And we’ve all heard people saying, “My brother’s best friend’s uncle’s sister’s ex-boyfriend works for [fill in the alphabet soup name] said [this that or the other.]

Well, the latest:

Someone working at the FBI says that we’re going to have Martial law imposed and if you’re out in your car, you will be pulled over.  If you don’t have your designated “code” of the day, you will be taken into custody and held for a 14-day quarantine.  Away from your family.

Yeah, right.

Considering that beat cops today are avoiding traffic stops unless you do exceptionally stupid things, I don’t see that happening.  Especially when departments lose 20-40% of their officers to infection or 14-day self-quarantines.  Or more.

“Oh, the cops will be in protective gear and they’ll use the National Guard to supplement officers.”

Uh, right.  “They” don’t have enough PPE for health care professionals.  There’s no way in you-know-where they’re going to issue pallets of PPE to law enforcement agencies.

President Donald Trump did put out a tweet today.

Chicago may be next as a hot spot.  If you’re in the Chicagoland area, practice good personal hygiene and avoid others outside your home.


Knox County Mayor: Recent suicide rate ‘shocking’

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Knox County Regional Forensic Center examined nine suspected suicides just in the last 48 hours, eight from Knox County, according to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.

If you feel like you’re going to a dark place, reach out for help.

If you are a Veteran in crisis (or even if you’re not a veteran) — or you’re concerned about one — free, confidential support is available 24/7. Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, send a text message to 838255, or chat online.

Suicide devastates your loved ones.

Reference data/info sources.

The “1point3acres” website has a nice running tally of cases for the USA and for each state (down to the county level).   It’s one of my go-to sites on the latest numbers.  It’s usually updated each day around 3p.

The Johns Hopkins website has a ton of data too.

For those really wanting to get hip-deep in the latest, there’s a thread over at  There’s a lot of trash in it, but some good information as well.

Here’s a great series of links that you might find useful.



INFO Members on the Front Line



nCoV-19 lives around 5 days on common surfaces, up to 28 days on optimal surface/temperature/humidity, and minutes to hours on porous materials.    It’s covered in this paper which also includes efficacy of various disinfectants.  The first table is survival time on various surfaces.

At room temperature, nCoV-19 (aka HCoV-229E) persists longer at 50% relative humidity than at 20% RH when at “normal temperatures”

For an idea:
Steel – 8 – 24 hours at room temperature (RT), but 28 days at 40°F and 20% humidity.  Higher or lower humidity drastically impacts persistence.
At “Normal” Temp 68-86°F (20-30°C)
Aluminum – 2-8 hours
Metals – 5 days
Wood  – 4 days
Paper  – 3 hour to 5 days depending on initial load/amount of virions
Glass  – 4 days to 5 days
Plastics – 4 – 9 days (longer the higher the viral load/contamination)
Silicone Rubber – 5 Days (Be careful when borrowing a fleshlight)
Latex Gloves – 8 hours
Disposable Gown (Tyvek) – 1 hour to 2 Days depending on initial level of contamination
Ceramics – 5 days
Teflon – 5 days

While I’m typing all this, here are the best disinfectants (in order of paper above)
3log₁₀ is 99.9%,  4log₁₀ is 99.99%, 5 log₁₀ is 99.999%, etc.
Ethanol   4.0 log₁₀  to > 5.9  log₁₀ after 30 seconds 70% to 95% respectively (other biologicals survive longer with 90%+ alcohol, NOT nCoV-19)
2-Propanol  > 3.3 log₁₀ in 30 seconds
BZK/Benzalkonium chloride  0 – 4.0 log₁₀ after 10 Minutes
Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) – 0.21% (2100 ppm concentration)  > 4.0 log₁₀ after 30 seconds
Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) – <=0.01% (<100 ppm concentration)  0.3 – 2.8 log₁₀  10 Minutes
Formaldehyde – above 0.7% concentration  > 3.0 log₁₀ in 10 Minutes
Glutardialdehyde – 0.5% to 2.5% > 4.0 log₁₀  after 2-5 Minutes
Povidone iodine > 4.0 log₁₀ after 15 seconds

More detail and sources are in the linked paper.  I merged together the concentrations and gave a range to save typing in the summary above, there may even be typos and errors.

EPA Approval letter on cleaners that work with nCoV–19
EPA Approved Antimicrobal products for SARS-CoV-2 / nCoV-19 / COVID-19


Study on N95 disinfection for re-use

N95 Masks in emergency:

Study on N95 steam disinfection for re-use

Effects of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) on N95 Respirator Filtration Performance and Structural Integrity

CDC Recommended Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare Settings

Decontamination and Reuse of N95 Respirators with Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporto Address Worldwide Personal Protective Equipment Shortages During the SARSCoV2 (COVID19) Pandemic
(Google Drive document)


UV Info:

Dosage Chart in µJ/cm²  (aka µW-s/cm²)  Human virii around around 6-8mJ/cm², so 6 W Bulb would need to be within 3″ for 3-5 seconds, over every square centimeter

A 6 W UV bulb is 2250 µJ/cm²  (2.25 mJ) per second at 3″    So to get a 100 mJ dose, need ~45 seconds to disinfect, double the wattage, double the intensity.  (Mercury bulbs, which are 254 nm, are “SW” or Short Wave).  280nm is optimal for DNA destruction, but only unimaginably expensive LEDs can hit that exact wavelength.   This chart has the required dose of 254 nm (mercury vapor) bulbs.

Here’s the tricky part:  Double the distance and the dose needs to be increased by 4x, (same for 1/4x dose @1.5″)

A Mercury Vapor bulb will be marked “254 nm” or Hg.   It will also be CLEAR
A Phosphor UV-C bulb will be marked “SW/LW” or “Wideband” with phosphors to get more into the 280-300 range, these will be bluish white opaque, like a fluorescent bulb.  The wide band are rare and more spendy, but are what’s used in steri-pens, for example

both types the bulb will turn on for 6000 hours, but only about 1000 hours usable due to darkening of the quartz envelope (Hg), or phosphors going bad (fluorescent UV-C).  Similar to tanning bed bulbs going bad, except in a much shorter wavelength.</br­></b­r>

9 thoughts on “Day 8: Martial Law Coming to IL?”
  1. If you want to see how well prepared Chicago PD is for martial law, read the Second City Cop blog (, if you don’t already know it). I would imagine most suburban PDs are better prepared, but not much. So your chances of being pulled over for DUQ (Driving Under Quarantine) appear to be slim to none.
    Of course, I’m a thousand miles away from my ex-hometown, so I don’t have to be as concerned as you do, and talk is cheap.
    Good luck. I mean it.

    1. Cigars enjoyed out of doors, so second-hand smoke is non-issue.

      Yes, alcohol around small children. Along with knives, guns, electricity, water, fire, stairs, medicines, vehicles, plastic bags and the list goes on and on.

      They’re not even two yet and they’ve already been in two personal injury accidents in cars! OMGBBQ!

    2. Rush “enjoyed” cigars as well, and bragged about it quite often. Haven’t heard him mention them in a good while now.
      Hmmmm, why might that be?

  2. Where i live NO one has been tested for the Chinese Flu virus.

    I have been told that a martial law scenario has been discussed with Hospital administrators.

    Problem is where i live most people live pay-Check to Pay Check They buy food and gas has they get paid.

    You stop people from getting Food, gas or taking care of family, it will not set well.

  3. In general, kind of ridiculous and a bit overblown. If you are able to look deep into statistics, most of the deaths they are reporting are not from the virus, but from other pre-existing conditions. That is why the vast majority of deaths are the elderly. They are most likely to have other issues. Yes, they die, and it gets added to the tally of virus deaths, simply because they had the virus. There is no autopsy to verify what in fact they have died from.

    WAND was advertising that you should get their APP. Then whenever a new virus case in the area is announced, they will let you know. Why do I need to know that? You need to tell me about every single new case? Why? Is it your mission to increase fear and apprehension?
    More people just need to get off of their devices and liver their life. They will be much better off for it.

  4. Make note of the lack of “statistics”, or even a mention of those who have RECOVERED from the China-Wuhan-virus without difficulty or long-term affects….crickets chirping? Very little mention about the “cure” that has been used to save some who were thought to be on their “death-beds”. Democrats cannot let this catastrophe be unused for destroying our capitalist system in order to “save” the world with their “New World Order”, aka: “communism-lite”!

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