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The NRA has opened voting for its Life Members and above for 2020. A lot of folks are asking us in leadership at GSL who to vote for in the National Rifle Association’s 2020 elections.  After all, the NRA organization is in deep trouble under the leadership of Wayne LaPierre and his allies within the NRA.

The most unbiased advice we can give is to visit the “Save the 2nd” website ( to learn more about the candidates – both good and bad – before making a decision.

The No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money blog ( has several posts in early February with a roundup of recommendations of others as well as John Richardson’s own.  Obviously, we hold Mr. Richardson in high regard.

GSL’s John Boch, a strident critic of LaPierre’s leadership, gave the nod to four: Anthony Colandro, Graham Hill, Mark Robinson and Frank Tait.

Be advised that by voting for less than 31 candidates, you will multiply the impact of each of the votes you do cast.

If you feel that Wayne LaPierre is doing a great job as NRA’s leader, you might be better served voting for other candidates.